Zoo Animal Registrar

Organization: Little Rock Zoo (AZA Member)
Location: Little Rock, AR, United States
Job or Internship: Job


To maintain historical and current records of all animals in the Zoo animal collection; to procure and maintain required Federal, State and local certifications, permits and licenses for the

maintenance and transport of wildlife in accordance with regulations.


Establishes and maintains hard copy and computer files and records relating to animals in the Zoo to include animal medical records, behavior records, breeding records, genealogy, acquisition records, individual vital statistics, animal transit documentation, animal keeper and veterinarian notes and reports; obtains information and enters required data in the animal record keeping software system International Species Inventory System (ISIS) / Zoological Institution Management System (ZIMS). Compiles information and completes necessary documents to obtain Association of Zoo and Aquariums (AZA) required accreditation, health certificates,

permits, certifications, licenses, USDA papers, and keeper's data to ensure the Zoo is in compliance with all applicable policies, procedures, regulations, local, state and federal laws; prepares and files annual reports and renews all permits,certifications, and licenses. Coordinates animal shipments and transportation for domestic and international shipments of live animals, parts and products; ensures compliance with appropriate policies and regulations. Prepares invoices for sale of Zoo animals; receives donations and monies from the sale of Zoo animals; deposits monies to Zoo account through City Finance Department; maintains records of donors and sales. Establishes and maintains files and records of all documents related to animal transactions to include breeding loan agreements, contracts, permits, etc.; monitors and maintains records regarding the status of animals loaned to other zoos through correspondence and annual questionnaires. Prepares and disseminates various information reports from computerized records, including animal collection reports, accounting for animal acquisitions, removals and loans. Monitors legislation for compliance with wildlife laws; notifies supervisor of any existing, pending, or proposed federal and state legislation that may impact operations relative to animal management record keeping. Establishes and maintains database system for daily animal record keeping; reviews record keeping procedures, recommends and implements improvements. Provides information for reports, questionnaires, and surveys; provides statistical analysis and reports regarding animal collection. Collects and validates data from zookeeper reports, studbooks, Species Survival Plans (SSPs), International Special Information System (ISIS, breeders, other zoos or private individuals. Maintains and updates non-circulating zoological library for use by Zoo Department employees. Compiles Division budget data for approval by the General Curator; monitors Division account balances to ensure budgeted amounts are not exceeded; determines which accounts are in need of revenue transfers and prepares forms for approval. Recommends and establishes animal records management programs to ensure best practices for records retention, disposition and preservation and related systems management. Operates a computer utilizing spreadsheet and word processing software in the performance of essential functions. Operates a city pool automobile in the performance of the essential functions.

HIRING/ENTRY SALARY: $27,031 - $34,330


These knowledge, skills, and abilities are usually, although not always, acquired through completion of high school, supplemented by coursework in Life Sciences, Zoology, Biology, or related area with two (2) years of experience in animal records management or related area and one (1) year of personal computer experience. Equivalent combinations of education and experience will be considered.

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: Must be available to work evenings, weekends and holidays.

DISCLAIMER: This document does not create an employment contract, implied or otherwise.


ONLY On-Line Applications Accepted. Application and Supplemental Questions required by Closing Date.