Lead Keeper of Africa Team (elephant manager)

Organization: Virginia Zoo (AZA Member)
Location: Norfolk, Virginia, United States
Job or Internship: Job

Lead Keeper of Africa Team (elephant manager)

Virginia Zoo is currently recruiting a Lead Keeper for our Africa team. This is a field supervisory position which leads a team of zoo keepers in our Africa area who work with a diverse group of African animals including elephant, white rhinoceros, Hartmann’s mountain zebra, giraffe, bongo, Grant’s gazelle, lion, red river hog, painted dog, ostrich, ground hornbills, crowned cranes and several small mammal exhibits. The position of Lead Keeper of Africa also includes the responsibility of being the institutions elephant manager. Past experience with the management of pachyderms, ungulates and carnivores is important, as is a strong knowledge of AZA elephant management policies. The successful candidate should also be experienced in staff development and training with an emphasis on developing team work. Position responsibilities include the following:

1) Provides experienced husbandry care for the African mammal collection at Virginia Zoo directly and supervises other zoo keepers and volunteers in doing the same.

2) Coordinates behavioral training and enrichment programs for the assigned animal collection, implements breeding protocols, assists veterinarian with physical examinations, and observes behavior.

3) Ensures good facilities maintenance and display standards for the assigned animal exhibits and surrounding public spaces including area themeing.

4) Undertakes daily cleaning and maintenance of exhibits and exhibit areas, service areas and animal holding units, utilizing various tools, instruments, and disinfectants, with the ability to do so safely and supervise others to do the same.

5) Performs administrative duties by keeping records on animal behavior and exhibit repairs, maintaining inventory, filling out paperwork and surveys, conducting research when requested, preparing reports and presenting findings, attending meetings, and training volunteers and personnel.

6) Assists Animal Curators with staff evaluations and performance reviews of zoo keepers and volunteers in assigned area.

7) Educates the public by conducting tours, providing information, and giving presentations when required.

8) Assists in staff training and education for employee development, setting team goals as well as implementing policies and work plans from the Animal Curators.

9) Responsible for upholding organizational policy.

10) Recognizes signs of pest infestation in animal areas and combats pests as directed.

11) Has the ability to communicate work instructions, directions and organizational policy clearly and effectively.

12) Responsible for ensuring that diet sheets are accurate and being followed, maintaining quality of diets offered, monitoring food safety, monitoring refrigerator temperatures etc.

13) Other duties as assigned.

Minimum requirements for this position include a bachelor degree from an accredited university and a minimum of 5 years of professional experience in AZA institutions with significant experience in elephant husbandry management.

Salary range for this position is $33,767.00 to $53,978.00 annually; with excellent benefits as an employee of the City of Norfolk. Please see the City of Norfolk Human Resources web site for more details and to apply. Applications will only be accepted via the City of Norfolk website. http://agency.governmentjobs.com/norfolk/default.cfm

Application will be accepted until 25th August 2013.