Organization: Denver Zoo (AZA Member)
Location: Denver, CO, United States
Job or Internship: Job

At Denver Zoo, our mission is to secure a better world for animals through human understanding. We are a respected leader in animal care and exhibition, conservation programs, scientific study, environmental education and public service.


This position advances the mission of Denver Zoo through data, regulatory, transaction, and policy management of the animal collection. This position manages and continues development of zoo data systems and provides staff support and training in use of the software. This position also manages and keeps current all applicable permits and animal transactions.

Essential Functions:

•Maintains a database providing animal collection data to staff members and other institutions worldwide. Records daily transactions, births, deaths and collection changes as well as audits management notes entered by staff on individual animals.

•Provides innovative solutions to animal database management.

•Tracks international, national, state and local legislation/regulations to advise staff on all applicable changes that affect zoo operations such as animal transactions, exhibit requirements, shipping regulations, etc.

•Applies for and keeps current all applicable permits for operating, shipping and required licenses at local, state, federal and international levels and laws.

•Monitors shipping regulations for all animals and assists in arrangement of all animal shipments to and from the Denver Zoo. Supplies proper documentation of papers, government forms and records for all shipments. Checks legal regulations and contracts for compliance with shipping live animals.

•Project manager for Denver Zoo’s TRACKS collection management software. Continues to lead development of this software as well as daily oversight of TRACKS functions. This includes planning, meeting coordination, facilitation, training, partner collaboration, testing and demonstration of TRACKS.

•Gathers regional and international data and maintains databases on animal populations. Uses several analytical software programs to analyze populations and produce master plans to assist staff in use of these programs.

•Responsible for coordinating data sharing with other institutions or program managers. These include but are not limited to ISIS, studbook updates, providing program mangers collection information, collection questionnaires, etc.

•Responsible to remain up to date with changing policies on collection management both nationally and internationally.

•Researches ISIS and zoo collection database to answer inquiries about specimen historical data for animal management decisions both in-house and in AZA.

•Works in cooperation with all departments at Denver Zoo as the interface between your department and other zoo departments and programs.

•Participates with Denver Zoo initiatives through serving on committees, research, conservation programs, etc.

Additional Responsibilities:

•Performs various tasks as assigned.


•Four year college degree in biology or related field plus two years experience in a registrar-type position in an AZA zoological institution. Previous animal experience and Master’s degree desirable. Intern experience at Denver Zoo may be substituted for two years experience at the discretion of the Vice President for Animal Management.

•Knowledge of concepts, principles, and practices of professional collection management.

•Knowledge of inventory accession and record-keeping.

•Knowledge of zoological nomenclature.

•Knowledge of the laws regulating animal acquisition, disposition, exhibition, husbandry standards, and transportation within the U.S. and abroad is desirable.

•Knowledge of statistics and population management skills is desirable.

•Experience with collection management, population management and associated software.

•Good communication and organizational skills.

•Competency in computer skills; word processor, spread sheets, Internet and networks.

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Denver Zoo is an Equal Opportunity Employer