Organization: Trailside Museum and Zoo
Location: Bear Mountain, NY, us
Job or Internship: Job
Website: www.trailsidezoo.org
Located at Bear Mountain State Park, Bear Mountain, NY 10911

32 hours per week; Friday through Monday, including holidays

General Description: Trailside Museums and Zoo is a facility of Bear Mountain State Park devoted to the interpretation of park history, zoology, and geology on a 32-acre preserve. Our facility houses non-releasable rehabilitated wildlife in a zoo setting and serves a diverse audience of park patrons. We are looking for a motivated individual to join our staff. The successful candidate will be responsible for care of our native Hudson Valley wildlife collection including mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians.

This position, under the supervision of Head Zookeeper, requires a team player capable of positive interactions with co-workers, volunteers, and visitors. Specific duties include:
• Perform husbandry responsibilities for our collection of live animals
• Maintain exhibits and animal areas
• Assist in capture, restraint, and veterinary procedures of zoo animals
• Assist in training and supervision of interns
• Interact with patrons on the zoo trail system
• Assist with daily operations and general maintenance

SALARY: $12.04 per hour, with health benefits

A bachelor’s degree in zoology, biology, or a related discipline and previous work in a zoological setting are preferred. Experience and education will be taken into account on an individual basis. Applicants must also possess good communication and observation skills and a strong work ethic. Candidate must be physically able to perform medium to heavy physical labor and to work with staff and volunteers in a collaborative environment. Applicants must have a valid New York State driver's license and be available to work weekends and holidays. Start date: August 1st.

Melissa Gillmer. Email resume and cover letter, including three work references to melissa.gillmer@parks.ny.gov.