Collections Manager at Central Park Zoo

Organization: The Wildlife Conservation Society (AZA Member)
Location: Bronx, New York, New York, United States
Job or Internship: Job

The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) is seeking an exceptional candidate for the Collections Manager position at the Central Park Zoo (CPZ). The successful candidate must have a very strong background in animal management and be capable of managing a diverse animal collection and leading a large staff. The Collections Manager will work very closely with the Curator of Animals and be responsible for upholding and maintaining the WCS tradition of excellence in animal care and husbandry, exhibitry, and guest experience; interfacing with appropriate WCS departments and divisions as required; and participating in AZA conservation programs. This individual also will be responsible for promoting the mission of WCS and assisting the Curator with all aspects of the daily operation of CPZ's Animal Department.

The successful candidate will assist the Curator in linking CPZ's animal collection with the WCS integrated collection plan, and be responsible for animal record keeping, collection census, and preparation and submission of reports. The Collections Manager will also assist the Curator in the initiating, administering, and reviewing all protocols for animal care and keeper safety, including conducting and reviewing animal emergency and safety drills and overseeing and supervising the various needs of the animal collection. This person will also work closely with staff in various WCS departments and divisions to facilitate the operation of the Animal Department, and serve as a standing member of the WCS Animal Management Committee and other internal and external committees as appropriate.


1. Responsible for the supervision, care, and maintenance of the animal collection.

2. Assist the curator with animal acquisitions and deaccessions, input into the WCS integrated Collection Plan, animal record keeping, collection census, and preparation and submission of reports.

3. Oversee the overall operation and daily responsibilities in all animal-related sections of the zoo, including the immediate supervision of the activities of the supervisors, keeper staff, part-time workers, and volunteers and the areas they occupy.

4. Oversee and supervise the various needs of the animal collection: initiate food orders, purchase orders, work orders, evaluate equipment needs, order equipment and other operational supplies, and authorize payment under the direction of the Curator.

5. Assist the Curator in the initiation, administration, and review of protocols for animal care and keeper safety, including conducting and reviewing animal emergency and safety drills. Coordinate staff training and continuing education opportunities.

6. Communicate with the Veterinary Department to ensure optimal animal health care for the animal collection; assists Veterinarians and CPZ Veterinary Technician with medical procedures, examinations and treatments as necessary.

7. Assign the duties of the Wild Animal Keepers, maintain time sheets, record employee hours, schedule time off, and initiate disciplinary action when required.

8. Under the direction of the General Curator, manage the operations of the department in the absence of the Animal Curator.

9. Oversee the handling, transport and/or preparation of animals for shipment between facilities and to/from airports.

10. Supervise the maintenance and construction of exhibits or support services.

11. Prepare and submit reports and animal censuses.

12. Assume and perform similar duties at regular and irregular hours as required.

13. Represent the Department and/or WCS at professional meetings, conferences or in the media as requested by the Curator.

14. Conduct or assist in current or future research and/or breeding programs for the Central Park Zoo and other collaborative programs within WCS. Represent this work through presentations at meetings and annual conferences.

15. Enforce WCS' visitors' rules and regulations and those of the Department of Parks of the City of New York and of the Animal Department within the Central Park Zoo.

16. Perform related tasks and duties as required.

17. Contribute to, enlarge, and uphold WCS' policies toward the Equal Employment.


' Must possess a degree in zoological or biological sciences or the equivalent of five years in caring for animals in a zoological park or related institution. Must have a demonstrated interest and expertise in the management of a diverse selection of species.

' Demonstrate leadership in all areas of animal management, staff development, and inter-departmental collaboration.

' Must have proficiency with computers, animal management programs, and good communications skills.

' Must have a valid, current driver's license.