Internship: Avian Hospital

Organization: National Aviary in Pittsburgh (AZA Member)
Location: Pittsburgh, PA, United States
Job or Internship: Internship

Position: Avian Hospital Internship- Fall 2013

Deadline to apply: June 15th, 2013

Department: National Aviary Veterinary Hospital

Salary/Pay Range: Unpaid

Start Date: August/September

End Date: November/December

The National Aviary's hospital is a leader in bird health, providing advanced medical care for a large bird collection of over 200 different species. The hospital also has a preventative medicine program to help prevent common diseases through vaccinations and parasite control. For visitors, we give a daily educational program, which is called “Meet a Patient”, highlighting one of the recovered patients and describing its specialized medical care.

The Hospital Internship Program provides a unique opportunity for students, veterinary technicians, zoo keepers, and others interested in birds to work directly with a diversity of birds and medical conditions. The interns are primarily responsible for avian husbandry in a medical setting and receive significant hands-on experience in this area. Interns feed and clean the hospitalized birds and make customized diets and housing to meet their medical needs. Other responsibilities include assisting with physical therapy by swimming injured waterfowl, providing enrichment, monitoring patients, stocking medical supplies, and keeping the hospital clean, including doing laundry. Interns can observe medical procedures throughout the day. There are occasional opportunities to assist the veterinarian and veterinary technicians with the administration of medicines, wound care, recheck examinations, medical record-keeping, and procedures such as blood collection and x-rays. The interns are also taught a new topic each day in avian medicine or husbandry by the vet techs or vet in ‘intern rounds’.

Internships are unpaid and housing is not provided. Interns are accepted year round, and the schedule can be made to accommodate college students or work schedules. We require at least 2 days a week but prefer 5 days a week. Internship length is a minimum of 3 weeks but can be up to 6 months in certain circumstances. The average internship lasts 3 months.

Qualifications: Must be at least 18 years of age, able to lift 50 pounds and climb stairs. Must be able to work both on a team and independently, have a good work ethic and positive attitude, and have the ability to interact positively with the public. Applicants can be pre-veterinary students, veterinary technician students, veterinary technician graduates, or others with a strong interest in avian medicine.

Please submit cover letter and resume to:

Sarah Shannon

Intern Coordinator

National Aviary

700 Arch Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15212