Animal Keeper Interns

Organization: Animal Gardens
Location: Lake Geneva, WI, us
Job or Internship: Internship

Animal Gardens is a 40-acre park of landscaped grounds that emphasizes the bond between human and animal; and premier’s horses in a state of the art dinner theatre, in a presentation called The Dancing Horses. Our additional attractions are Exotic and domestic animals.  

 ANIMAL KEEPER INTERNS – Lake Geneva Wisconsin  


This is a unique hands-on experience caring for all types of domestic and exotic animals; from bottle feeding our babies to caring for adult species. Llamas, camels, horses, mini-donkeys, bobcats, lemurs, are a few of the animals that reside at Animal Gardens. A small stipend of $50.00 a week is offered along with free dorm-style housing and free laundry facilities on the property. A minimum 6 month commitment is required – April thru October.  


Public contact and tours is a major portion of this internship. Candidates must be dedicated individuals with knowledge of all aspects of animal care. Responsibilities include care, cleaning and maintenance to a variety of animal species. This is a hands on job; candidates will personally handle and present our animals in public demonstrations. You will bottle feed our babies and be responsible for preparing a narrative to be presented to our visitors. As well as participate in daily performances and provide behind the scenes support.  


The work is challenging, dirty, and often unglamorous, but can be highly rewarding. Animal Care interns should be prepared to work in all weather conditions and must be extremely dependable.  

  • Must have the ability to follow oral and written instructions, without question.  
  • Will be responsible for other duties as assigned by Zoo Director.   
  • Must have strong communication skills as speaking with the general public is required.  
  • Must maintain current tetanus vaccination (5 years) and be willing to have annual TB test screening done.  
  • Must be able to work weekends and holidays as assigned.  


OR CALL: 262-728-8200