Organization: Houston Zoo (AZA Member)
Location: Houston, Texas, Country
Job or Internship: Job


The Houston Zoo aspires to be recognized by peers, staff, and the general public as a leader among conservation efforts, delivering excellence in animal care, entertainment, education, and Guest service. Join an enthusiastic team that provides a fun, unique and inspirational experience fostering appreciation, knowledge, and care for the natural world.

“The Houston Zoo Rangers provide memorable experiences to all Guests and Zoo Staff by promoting Education, Awareness, and Safety throughout the Houston Zoo”.


 Must be friendly, positive and portray a helpful attitude when greeting and interacting with our Guests.

 Project a professional image while in uniform and when using the radio.

 Comfortable giving and receiving performance feedback from supervisors and Guests.

 Provides information in a courteous manner to guests concerning the Zoo, Zoo operations and educational information about the animal collection and exhibits.

 Responds to and resolves guest complaints.

 Responds to First Aid, medical needs and a variety of other emergencies according to Zoo policies and procedures in a timely manner.

 Gathers facts, prepares and submits incident reports.

 Responds to emergency situations providing assistance to guests and staff and facilitating support from fire and police officers.

 Reports and assists in reuniting lost children with parents and guardians as well as returning lost and found items.

 Opens and secures building facilities.

 Ensures transportation and drivers for Zoo tours and provides security during animal movement and transports.

 Monitor safety of guests, employees, animals and property by checking for safety hazards while patrolling grounds, parking lots, exhibits and attractions.

 Observes building conditions for overcrowding, disorderly persons and prohibited items inside exhibits.

 Stands at a fixed post and roving posts covering a designated area or entrance/exit gates as needed.

 Other duties as assigned.

Rangers will be required to work weekends, holidays, some evenings, rotating schedules and beyond scheduled work hours. Staff may also provide crowd control if necessary during peak times.



Previous experience in a fast paced guest or customer service focused field is required. Security or medical emergency experience desired. Backgrounds in logistics, education, or safety are all highly desired.


High School diploma or GED is required but advanced education is highly desirable. CPR/AED/First Aid certification preferred. Bilingual skills are preferred. A valid Texas Driver’s License and proficiency in common computer software, such as Microsoft Office, is required.

Excellent oral communication skills with the ability to deal calmly and authoritatively with the public and to work under considerable pressure in crowds and with difficult members of the public are required. Good written communication skills as needed to prepare reports and take down information accurately and thoroughly.

Zoo Rangers are required to complete a comprehensive training program and meet high standards of knowledge and guest relations before achieving this designation. In addition, Zoo Rangers are required to complete an on-going program of continuing education in order to maintain the designation.



The position involves standing for long periods of time. It may also involve considerable physical exertion, such as extensive walking, bending, stooping and regular lifting of heavy objects (up to 80 pounds) on a highly frequent basis and/or assuming awkward positions for long periods of time.


This position requires employees to work outdoors 80% of the day. There are routine exposures to significant levels of heat, cold, moisture and air pollution. The position may involve periodic exposure to chemical substances and physical trauma of a minor nature such as cuts, bruises and minor burns.


Zoo Rangers require excellent hand/eye co-ordination, the ability to work outdoors for long periods of time and clear speech, with good audio skills.


Heavy public contact is required, involving considerable interpersonal skill, extensive interaction with guests, members, donors and the media. A high degree of appreciation of Guest service is necessary.