Wolf-Moose Postdoctoral Scientist

Organization: Minnesota Zoological Garden (AZA Member)
Location: Apple Valley, Minnesota, United States
Job or Internship: Job


The Minnesota Zoo seeks a dedicated postdoctoral scientist, referred to as a Project Specialist, to conduct lead work for a collaborative project to investigate wolf-moose interactions, including habitat use overlap and the impacts of wolf predation on moose in northeastern Minnesota. The incumbent will work with collaborators to design and conduct the scientific investigation. Project activities will include placing tracking collars on wolves in areas where moose are also being tracked, mapping and monitoring wolf pack movements remotely, locating predation sites, and collecting field data from these sites. The postdoctoral scientist will then analyze project data and submit a minimum of two project-related scientific manuscripts to peer-reviewed journals within the duration of this position.

The primary goal of the wolf-moose predation project is to help wildlife managers in Minnesota better understand and respond to the recent sharp decline in the State’s moose population. The postdoctoral scientist is expected to meet with and present the project’s findings to appropriate wildlife managers in the State. He/she will also prepare and/or deliver articles, website material, and presentations to/for both scientific and general audiences.

Additional duties may include assisting with a second project investigating and modeling parasite transmission between white-tailed deer and moose in northeastern Minnesota. He/she will assist with field work and data collection, and may also assist with data analysis and/or manuscript preparation.

This project is in partnership with Dr. Ron Moen, Research Associate at the Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI). The position will be located primarily at NRRI in Duluth, Minnesota.

This position will work up to a (maximum) of three years.

This position is contingent upon funding and a successful candidate will be hired once the funding is secured.

Days and hours of work will vary depending on the needs of the position.


-Ph.D. (in-hand at time of appointment) in Conservation Biology, Ecology, Wildlife Management, or other related field.

-Ability to conduct field work independently and year-round in remote areas of northeastern Minnesota. Previous field experience is required.

-Experience in empirical research design and methodology, with appropriate academic skills to publish results in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

-High level of proficiency in Geographic Information Systems (ArcGIS), Microsoft Office software, and statistical analysis software.

-Experience analyzing and manipulating large data sets.

-Excellent communication skills, including the ability to create and deliver high-quality presentations to both scientific and general audiences.

-Excellent time management skills, as demonstrated by time to completion of Ph.D. or number of peer-reviewed articles published since completion of Ph.D., for example.

Job is contingent on a valid D drivers license and background check.


-Ph.D. conferred within the past five years.

-One or more previous first-author publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals, with number of publications commensurate with time since Ph.D. was conferred.

-Previous field experience in conditions similar to those present in northeastern Minnesota.

-Previous experience studying predator-prey dynamics.

-Ability to identify prey species based on remains found at predation sites.

Previous experience with and/or knowledge of wolves and/or moose will be viewed favorably but weighted less than other qualifications.

START DATE: approximately July 15, 2013

POSITION LOCATION: primarily Duluth, MN, with field work in northeastern MN

SALARY: $18.46/hour, $38,544 annually

EMPLOYMENT CONDITION: Temporary unclassified

TRAVEL: required



Please review the following requirements to ensure your application is complete. Failure to provide the requested documents will result in your application not being considered.

To apply, submit your resume online by April 17, 2013. Go to www.careers.state.mn.us to create a profile and apply to the job (posting number 13mzg000056).

In addition to your resume, you must email or mail the following with a subject headline of Project Specialist Materials:

-Cover letter

-Unofficial graduate school transcript (official transcript to be supplied upon request)

-2-page (maximum) statement of qualifications (please list and describe how you meet each and every minimum qualification; also list and describe how you meet all relevant preferred qualifications)

Please send additional materials to the Minnesota Zoo Human Resources by email Human.Resources.mnzoo@state.mn.us or by mail with a subject headline of Project Specialist Materials:

Minnesota Zoo

Attn: Human Resources

Project Specialist Materials

13000 Zoo Blvd.

Apple Valley, MN 55124

All additional materials must be received by 5:00 pm on Monday, April 17, 2013