Keeper/Rehab Internship

Organization: Hutchinson Zoo (AZA Member)
Location: Hutchinson, Kansas, Country
Job or Internship: Internship

• Wildlife rehabilitation Intern- assisting in the care, feeding , treatment and ultimately the release of injured or orphaned wildlife• Herpetology Intern- one of the state’s largest collection of native herps will keep you busy along with a few select small mammals• Small Mammal and Bird Intern – this internship covers the majority of our native bird and mammal collection including bobcats and bald eagles• Exotic and Domestic Hoof stock Intern – those with an interest or background in farming may be drawn to this internship with a collection of domestic animals including a 700+ pound pig, and exotics such as Zebu, Bison and White Tail Deer.• Education Intern- what better place for a person who loves animals and is interested in a career in education.• Enrichment Intern – like to build things, make puzzles, or bring a little excitement to an animal’s life, this is for you.Each of these Intern opportunities provides insight and experience into different areas of the zoo and aspects of animal husbandry. You will gain hands-on experience caring for our animals and developing an internship project with your Zookeeper. Internships look impressive on a resume and are a terrific way to gain real world knowledge and experience. If you are interested in animals, don’t mind hard work or getting dirty, a zoo internship is a fun way to spend your summer. All internships are unpaid and require an 80 hour commitment to be completed within a six month period. Hutchinson zoo does not provide housing. If you have questions or are interested in a Zoo internship, please send your resume and a letter of intent to: Jana Durham at 620-694-2672