Curator of Primates and Sea lions

Organization: Audubon Zoo (AZA Member)
Location: New Orleans, LA, United States
Job or Internship: Job

The Audubon Zoo in New Orleans currently has two openings for mammal Curators on its team. One position is for the Curator of Large Mammals. The second position is for a Curator of Primates and Sea Lions. Both of these positions are upper-level, supervisory positions requiring the individual to be responsible for the daily operations and routine care, collection and exhibit planning and conservation of the animals with their respective areas. Curators assist the General Curator in managing the animals and personnel of the entire Animal Department. Curators work closely with the Animal Health Care staff, other members of the Animal Department and all other Audubon Nature Institute departments. New Orleans has experienced a rebirth since the events of Hurricane Katrina. The City is a vibrant, exciting place to live. The Zoo is also in a growth phase with a new elephant complex currently under construction. A number of additional exhibits are planned throughout the Zoo including a new orangutan exhibit and the remodeling of our historic sea lion exhibit. The Curator of Primates and Sea Lions has diverse animal responsibilities, including, the primate collection (includes orangutans and gorillas), the sea lion training and management program, and the education animal collection.________________________________________Curator of Primates and Sea Lions• It is the responsibility of the Curator to maintain the highest standards related to the day-to-day operations of the area, including, but not limited to, animal welfare and enrichment, staff scheduling and job assignments, staff guidance, training and feedback, exhibit quality and the visitor experience. • Candidate must have a working knowledge and understanding of the AZA Code of Ethics, AZA Standards for Accreditation and AZA Population Management guidelines. • Effectively implement and document current best practices in animal enrichment• Curator must understand and work with the goals of the Education Department to provide healthy animals for outreach programs both on Zoo grounds and remotely.• Must be an effective team player and coach, must be able recognize individuals’ strengths and work towards developing those strengths to help move the Audubon Zoo forward• Curators are expected to be actively involved with AZA animal management programs• Ensures that all areas of section meet or exceed USDA and AZA requirements and guidelines• Oversee pest control efforts in the section• Candidate is expected to perform keeper duties as needed.Back ground and Experience Requirements• Five years, paid supervisory experience in an AZA-accredited zoological facility is required.• Experience managing a diverse collection of primates, small mammals and other species is required.• High School diploma (or equivalent) and a four-year degree from a recognized college or university are required. College course work in zoology, biology, animal science or related field is preferred. • Willingness to serve on the Zoo’s Hurricane Team.• Candidate must be able to convey information and ideas clearly.• Audubon Zoo is an equal opportunity employer and a drug free work place.• A full description of this position can be seen on the Audubon Zoo’s website• Interested and qualified applicants, please email a resume and cover letter to Trudy Ehrich, Administrative Coordinator,