Director of Animal Programs

Organization: Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens (AZA Member)
Location: Naples, Florida, Country
Job or Internship: Job

The Director of Animal Programs directs all animal care operations, including overseeing animal husbandry, coordinating animal shipments, maintaining animal records, overseeing exhibit maintenance, developing diets, monitoring animal nutrition, managing animal commissary, and managing veterinary care.

The Director ensures compliance with all AZA, USDA, and other regulations and guidelines, and prepares required documentation. The Director leads the Animal Safety Team (recapture team) and ensures proper training of team and administration of regular emergency drills. The Director of Animal Programs is a member of the Zoo senior staff and participates in leadership meetings, Board work as requested, and represents the Zoo to the community as requested. The Director also participates in zoo-wide planning initiatives. The position reports to the President/CEO. Direct reports to the Director of Animal Programs are Lead Keeper, Lead Show Keeper, Registrar, and consulting veterinarian.

Specific responsibilities include:

• Developing collection plans

• Preparing relevant operating policies and procedures

• Designing and implementing enrichment and training programs

• Management of purchasing animal food, supplies and materials

• Developing and implementing keeper training and provide keeper support as required

• Developing and implementing Zoo and community sustainability and conservation programs

• Supporting Zoo fundraising, external relations, event and education outreach efforts as necessary

Position Requirements

Bachelor’s degree or higher in biology, wildlife biology, zoology, animal science or other related field. At least five years supervisory experience at an AZA-accredited institution. Experience with a wide variety of mammals, birds, amphibians, and reptiles. Demonstrated leadership and management and mentoring skills. Excellent communication skills, both oral and written. Ability to work independently and as part of a team.

Submit Resume to:

Ellie Krier

Interim President/CEO