Animal Keeper Intern (6 positions)

Organization: The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore (AZA Member)
Location: Baltimore, Maryland , United States
Job or Internship: Internship

Animal Keeper Intern (6 positions)- Internship (unpaid)

The Animal Department at The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore offers internship opportunities to undergraduate students working toward a degree in animal science, zoology, biology, wildlife conservation, environmental studies, ecology or other related field. Recent graduates may also be considered. Interns will work side by side with experienced animal keepers during their daily routine. There are no formal lectures. Further details of our program are listed below.

• The weekly time commitment of each intern may range from 16-40 hours, scheduled Saturday through Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm.

• One (1) intern may be assigned per team or animal area:

o Giraffe House

o Farmyard

o Elephant

o Maryland Wilderness/Panamanian Golden Frogs

o African Watering Hole

o Rock Island/Valley

• Daily tasks will include but are not limited to:

o Diet preparation

o Cleaning animal areas

o Interacting with the public

o Observation of and assist in medical procedures

o Observation and documentation of health and behaviors

o Record keeping of daily activities, animal nutrition, training programs, etc.

o Assist in exhibit and facility maintenance

o Observation of and assist in training programs and animal enrichment

• In addition to daily tasks, each intern will be responsible for completing one project. Project ideas include but are not limited to:

o Data collection

o Creating enrichment items

o Behavioral observations

o Specific guest interaction

o Problem solving

• Physical demands for all internships may include:

o Carrying up to 50 lbs or more

o Lifting and pushing heavy wheelbarrows

o Unloading bales of hay and bags of feed

o Working in all weather conditions

o Tolerance of strong odors, dust, hay and animal fur/hair/dander

To apply, internship candidates must complete the online Volunteer Application available online at: and submit the following:

• Resume

• School transcript, official or unofficial, and copies are accepted

• Cover letter explaining the applicant’s:

o Goals and how this internship will help achieve those goals;

o Relevant skills, activities, experience and/or classes;

o School requirements for internship credit (if applicable);

o Start and end dates, and days of availability.

• Application materials may be mailed, emailed or faxed to the Volunteer Department:

The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

Volunteer Department

1876 Mansion House Dr.

Baltimore, MD 21217

Fax# 443.320.9032

Please note:

• Internships are unpaid, and there is no reimbursement for transportation or housing;

• Internships may require a minimum of 120 hours or more, with at least a weekly commitment;

• Proof of a negative TB test is required;

• For timely consideration all applications, materials are due:

o November 1st – Spring session

o March 1st – Summer session

o August 1st - Fall session

• All applicants will be notified upon receipt of all materials. Qualified applicants will be contacted for an interview.