Summer Animal Care Intern - Fishes, Aquatic Reptiles and Aquatic Invertebrates

Organization: Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center (AZA Member)
Location: Virginia Beach, VA, United States
Job or Internship: Internship

Duties: Assist with aquatic husbandry and maintenance in the Fishes, Aquatic Reptiles, and Aquatic Invertebrate section of the Exhibits Department. Responsibilities include food preparation, feeding aquatic animals, cleaning of habitats and quarantine systems maintenance and/or repair. Interns may have the opportunity to become involved in new projects, exhibit design and/or construction.

Qualifications: Current students or candidates with previous college level course work in biology, marine science or related field. Applicant should have a strong career interest in fish, reptile or invertebrate husbandry, aquaculture, public aquarium management, and marine science, etc. Field and laboratory research experiences a plus. SCUBA certification open water level preferred. Experience with behavioral condition and animal enrichment techniques are helpful.

Requirements: Intern must maintain a daily journal and attend regular meetings with the Curator. At the conclusion the intern is required to research, develop and deliver a PowerPoint presentation on a topic related to his or her experience. A minimum of 320 hours, 10 weeks, 4 days a week; 8 hours/day. Schedule may include weekends and holidays.

To apply, forward your application to Shawn Reid Volunteer Resources Office Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center 717 General Booth Boulevard Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451. Include a cover letter detailing your expectations and how you plan to use your experience to assist your career and/or academic goals; a resume and an official copy of your college/university transcript and two letters of recommendation. One of the letters must be from your academic advisor detailing the school’s internship requirements. Perspective candidates will be contacted by phone or email to schedule an interview with the coordinating staff member.

Telephone: 757.385.0274 - Fax: 757.437.6055