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Summer Animal Care Intern - Mammals

Organization: Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center (AZA Member)
Location: Virginia Beach, VA, United States
Job or Internship: Internship

Duties: Responsible for but not limited to daily husbandry of marsh exhibits and mammal areas; preparing diets and feeding, cleaning enclosures and maintaining records, assisting full time staff, performing exhibit repairs, animal observations, entering large aquatic habitats for cleaning and maintenance, and behavioral training. There is possible interaction with persons from the general public and the Harbor seals during animal interactive programs offered by this department.Qualifications: Applicants must be available for a minimum of 32-40 hours/week. Length of service: Summer applicants, Mid-May through Mid-August; Fall Applicants, September – November; Spring Applicants, January – April. Schedule flexibility is important and will include weekends and possible evenings. Applicants should be in excellent physical health and be able to lift 40 pounds. Also required are the abilities to tolerate working in varying environmental conditions that could include direct sun and warm temperatures, confined spaces with delicate exhibit materials, cold temperature for food storage, and wet conditions in and around aquatic habitats. Applicants should be strong swimmers and scuba certification is a plus. Note: An intern must provide written proof of his or her rabies pre-exposure vaccinations. The rabies vaccination process will allow an intern to safely work with our entire mammal collection protecting both the student and our animals. The approximate cost of re-exposure vaccinations varies with different agencies, but will cost in the range of $500.00. Currently, this process involves a series of 3 shots given over a period of 21 days. It is possible to make these arrangements though a family doctor or local health department.To apply, forward your application to Shawn Reid Volunteer Resources Office Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center 717 General Booth Boulevard Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451. Include a cover letter detailing your expectations and how you plan to use your experience to assist your career and/or academic goals; a resume and an official copy of your college/university transcript and two letters of recommendation. One of the letters must be from your academic advisor detailing the school’s internship requirements. Perspective candidates will be contacted by phone or email to schedule an interview with the coordinating staff member.Telephone: 757.385.0274 - Fax: 757.437.6055E-mail: