Associate Animal Care Specialist- Edge of Africa

Organization: Busch Gardens (AZA Member)
Location: Tampa, Florida, United States
Job or Internship: Job

Requirements and Competencies

*Must be at least 18 years of age

*College degree in Psychology, Zoology, Biology, or related field preferred

*Carnivore training and husbandry background preferred.

*Robust communication skills: includes public speaking and guest relations, as well as efficient communication with team members

*Hard-working, decisive, and able to handle multiple responsibilities

*Must be team-oriented and flexible, with a positive attitude and the ability and desire to work in a dynamic, stimulating environment

*Self-disciplined, able to follow carefully honed interaction and safety guidelines

*Career-oriented, responsible for your own advancement within our progressive career ladder program

*SCUBA certification required. (Must be able to provide proof of certification if offered an interview). Must be able to pass a dive physical. Also, a valid drivers license is required, proof of insurance, and ability to meet BGT Driving Guidelines

*Must be able to work at least 40 hours a week, and must be available to work a flexible schedule to include evenings, weekends and holidays.

*Current experience will be evaluated to place candidate in appropriate career ladder level, job title, and pay rate.

Primary Responsibilities

*Operant conditioning, utilizing creative, positive reinforcement in one of the world's most behaviorally progressive zoological environments

*Provide physical stimulation and mental challenges for our animals as a member of our elite team of professionals

*Daily cleaning and maintenance of animal habitats and state-of-the-art husbandry facilities

*Husbandry training for animal management program procedures

*Active participation in behavioral research programs

*Enthusiastically communicate to park guests with passion and pride

*Daily record keeping

*Some heavy lifting required (up to 75 lbs), and lots of time spent outdoors in the Florida sunshine with our animals and guests

Please apply online at