Elephant Manager

Organization: Nashville Zoo (AZA Member)
Location: Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Job or Internship: Job

Elephant ManagerThis position is responsible for assisting in all aspects of management of the elephant collection in Nashville Zoo at Grassmere. Under the direction of the Curator of Mammals, the Elephant Manager assists in animal acquisition, husbandry programs, daily maintenance and development of Keeper routines, animal enrichment, behavior modification, exhibit design, staff selection and staff development. This position is part of the overall Animal Management Team and partners with Operations, Veterinary, Education, and Administration departments.Major Responsibilities:• Directly responsible for the elephant collection in an unrestricted space (aka free contact program).• Assists in the development of all elephant husbandry and enrichment programs.• Participates in scientific meetings, conferences and workshops pertaining to the species under the charge of the Elephant Manager. Authors papers and presents lectures on husbandry and conservation issues.• Assists in the design and training of Animal Care personnel under the responsibilities of the Elephant Manager.• Interacts with all other zoological institutions and conservation organizations on issues regarding the progressive care, husbandry, research and conservation of the species under the Curator’s care.• Continues to seek and acquire education and personnel training in the zoological and management fields.• Interacts locally, regionally and globally in conservation issues and programs concerning the species under the care of the Elephant Manager.Requirements:• The Candidate should possess a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience from a recognized institution and a minimum of five years working in a management capacity in an AZA accredited institution.• The Candidate should have proven leadership ability, ability to interact within a team, organizational, and communication skills.The Candidate must have a full understanding of the captive management of elephants (including full contact, protected contact, and modified contact).Applicants for this position are required to submit to a criminal background check and pass a drug test.Qualified Candidates send resume with cover letter to:cphilipp@nashvillezoo.org