Green Mission

AZA is committed to using as many environmentally responsible practices as possible and feasible for the 2014 AZA Mid-Year Meeting. The below measures are in place and AZA is committed to carrying out these practices and encouraging all participants and attendees of the conference to do the same.

Conference Promotional Materials

• AZA prints all promotional materials on Forest Stewardship Council certified, recycled, double-sided paper, printed with vegetable oil-based inks when available.
• In all promotional pre-conference materials, AZA strongly encourages attendees to register online with a credit card, rather than mailing a check.

Conference Registration Materials

• Recycling receptacles for attendee registration badges will be located at the registration desk to collect unwanted badge holders for re-use at other AZA Meetings.
• All conference registration giveaways are made from eco-friendly material, untreated, unbleached, and recyclable.  Attendees are encouraged to reuse these bags and giveaways whenever possible.

Conference Program Materials

• AZA will be printing a program guide on Forest Stewardship Council certified, recycled, double-sided paper, printed with vegetable oil-based inks.  Attendees are encouraged to only take one copy and dispose of in the recycle bins located throughout the convention center.   
• A mobile app and mobile website will be made available, for those attendees who wish to go paperless. Attendees will be given the option during the registration process to opt out of receiving a program guide.
• All directional and room signage is reused by AZA from one event to another, whenever possible.
• If applicable, AZA will encourage all speakers to provide their handouts or presentations to be posted on the AZA website after the conference for Member access. 

Sustainability at the Memphis Zoo

Memphis Zoo and its visitors impact the world around us. By taking simple action steps for protecting our natural resources, the Memphis Zoo’s green mission is to become a symbol for sustainability.  Together, with the City of Memphis, businesses and individuals we can provide a better home for future generations along with the wildlife that rely upon us for their protection. Click here to learn more about the Memphis Zoo's green practices and initiatives.

Sustainability at the Sheraton Memphis Downtown

• Guests are given the choice to opt out of Housekeeping services, either for the entire stay or for one day saving energy, water & chemicals. In return they receive a $5 voucher to be used in any of our restaurants or outlets, including Starbuck’s Coffee, toward any food or beverage item (excluding alcohol).
Water Conservation - Each Make A Green Choice room saves approximately 37.2 gallons of water per room per day
Waste Minimization

  • Reuse of guest room keys
  • Guest room recycle bins to capture recyclables from guest rooms and divert waste from the landfill
  • Guestroom amenities, shampoo and conditioner, are produced in plastic bottles made of recycled materials
  • We offer paperless check-out through eFolio and our Video Checkout and Folio review is available via the guestroom television
  • All discarded terry linen is repurposed for rags for engineering
  • All discarded sheets are donated to schools, homeless shelters and other organizations
  • Participate in Clean The World - a soap recycling program in which the hotel donates our lightly used soaps & bottled guest amenities for recycling, sanitation, and re-distribution to children and families in need
  • Recycling trash bins at each hotel entrance

Indoor Environmental Air Quality - Use of only eco-friendly cleaning solutions and chemicals - Ecolab is used throughout property with non-phosphate chemicals in laundry, guest rooms, and all public areas

Carbon Offsetting

Donated funds will be used as part of a community partnership to plant additional trees in the Memphis area. The Memphis Zoo will join with Shelby Farms Park Conservancy's "One Million Trees" initiative. The goal of this program is to create healthier living and a healthier environment by planting one million trees in the Greater Memphis area. Your donation helps offset the cost of each tree and ensures the longevity of our forests by assisting with ongoing care and upkeep.

You can donate to offset you carbon emissions when you register online