SSP Sustainability Award

2017 Recipients

Blue-billed Curassow SSP
Tawny Frogmouth SSP

The 2017 winners were announced by Larry Killmar, Chair of the Wildlife Conservation Management Committee at the Midyear Meeting in Albuquerque NM on March 29, 2017.

About the SSP Sustainability Award

The AZA has established a new award to recognize and celebrate the successes of Species Survival Plan® (SSP) Programs. The AZA SSP Sustainability Award will recognize initiatives that have a quantifiable impact on the long-term sustainability of an SSP’s managed population.  Animal Program Leaders (i.e., TAG Chairs, SSP Coordinators, Studbook Keepers, and Scientific Advisory Group Chairs) may submit an application for this award that demonstrates how their significant and innovative efforts have resulted in a significant increase in an SSP population’s sustainability.

Award decisions will be based on the following criteria:

  • The level of effort described that has resulted in significantly improving the SSP population’s sustainability.
    • Examples of initiatives may include innovative actions, advances in husbandry/management, major financial investment, significant animal importations, collaborative research, and the establishment of critical partnerships.
  • The quantifiable impact that has occurred which demonstrates an increase in the SSP population’s sustainability.
  • How any resulting forward actions were made accessible to all appropriate institutions in an effective and timely manner.
  • How this initiative advances AZA TAG recommendations for that SSP population’s sustainability.

The award will recognize the SSP Program as well as contributing Animal Program(s) on a perpetual plaque in the AZA office.  The AZA Wildlife Conservation and Management Committee (WCMC) will review applications and present the awards at AZA’s Mid-Year Meeting.  More than one award may be presented in any given year.

How to Submit an Application

Download the SSP Sustainability Award application (DOC)

Guidelines for Submission (PDF)

Sustainability Award News Release Form (DOC)

Please submit applications for the 2018 SSP Sustainability Award to Barbara Pueschel by December 15, 2017.


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