Professional Development Beyond AZA

Expand your training horizons by paritcipating in workshops offered by organizations that share part of AZA's mission but are not yet recognized as AZA Learning Partners.  If you are aware of additional training opportunities that could be valuable to zoo and aquarium professionals, please contact

Event Management School 

January 20-25

Hosted by the National Recreation and Park Association at Oglebay Resort in Wheeling, WV

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Elephant Herpes Virus Workshop
January 28-29
Hosted by the Houston Zoo
Free registration.
Elephant care professionals, researchers, and veterinarians are encouraged to attend. 

Information and a registration form is available at:



NRPA GreenSchool 
February 24 - March 1
Hosted by the National Recreation and Park Association at Oglebay Resort in Wheeling, WV
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Reflecting on Practice Annual Coaching Workshop, December 10-12, 2012
Hosted by the Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkeley, CA

This session has been CANCELLED due to low enrollment. Please check back for future offerings.

Reflecting on Practice is a professional learning program that immerses novice and experienced science educators in informal environments in discussions about, reflections on, and applications of research and theory on learning and teaching science. The ideas and tasks in the program create and strengthen a shared knowledge base and professional language among educators within an institution. It makes public the practices of all educators through greater understanding of, and reflections on, their beliefs, goals, and actions. There are three primary goals for the program:

1.    Build shared language and understanding through delving into the literature on learning and teaching;
    Engage practitioners in habits of reflectionsthroughobserving their own teaching, as a means to develop their practice and make it public; and
Nurture a tradition of continued professional learning, and thereby build a professional learning community within an institution.

 What is the purpose of the Coaching Workshop? This workshop is designed for managers &/or coordinators at an informal science education institution who plan to implement Reflecting on Practice for educators at their own institution. During this 3-day workshop we will provide you with: 

  1. Opportunities to experience each of the sessions in the program; 
  2. A complete curriculum guide (written and CD versions) and implementation schedule; 
  3. Connections with other informal science educators; 
  4. Help with customizing the implementation schedule for your institution and needs.

Following the workshop, we will provide ongoing technical assistance to ensure successful implementation of the program.

How does the program work? Two educators from an institution participate in a Coaching Workshop to learn the program. These educators, in turn, take the Reflecting on Practice curriculum materials and implement the program with colleagues at their institutions over a period of 6 to 12 months. In the program, participants engage in 14 interactive sessions and numerous reflective tasks to explore the six knowledge components proposed in the literature to be the foundational knowledge of informal science educators’ practice. Reflective tasks involve creating videos of educators’ practice, and watching and talking about their practice with colleagues. All informal science educators at an institution can participate in the program.

How much does the workshop cost? Workshop fees are $500 per educator. Fees support costs for the curriculum, workshop materials, and subsistence (breakfast, lunch, and snacks for all three days).

Who's using the Program? To learn more about the program and the 25+ institutions currently using Reflecting on Practice, please visit

How do I register? Registration is now open at

Please contact for more information.



Rhino Keeper Workshop
May 5-10
Hosted by the International Rhino Keeper Association and San Diego Zoo Global
IRKA is soliciting the submission of abstracts for 15 minute presentations 
on topics such as in-situ rhino conservation, management and husbandry practices, status of wild populations, and current research. Contact Matt Gelvin at for more information.