Population Management Center

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AZA Population Management Center

The AZA Population Management Center (PMC), located and hosted by the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, IL, is responsible for conducting the genetic and demographic analyses needed to develop and distribute population management recommendations for all Species Survival Plans® (SSP).

AZA-accredited Zoos and Aquariums, Certified Related Facilities, and Approved Non-Member Participants work cooperatively together to ensure that individuals, within each species cared for, are included in these plans to secure the well-being of the populations as a whole. These plans confirm population sizes needed to meet conservation and education objectives and guarantee that populations do not grow beyond our ability to care for them.


PMC staff, including population biologists and studbook analysts, assist each SSP in the development of their population management plans by making sure the data are accurate, determining the current population status, predicting the future population status, identifying specific breeding recommendations, and distributing the plan to all participating AZA-accredited institutions. In addition, the PMC contributes valuable information for AZA Animal Care Manuals and Regional Collection Plans.

Planning Preparation

Because AZA cooperatively manages over 500 Animal Programs which should schedule their required PMC planning appointments at least 12 months in advance.  Visit the PMC Website to see what Programs PMC population biologists are currently planning.  When preparing for a planning session, Program Leaders should follow the guidelines described in the following documents:

To schedule a planning appointment with the PMC:
Contact the PMC's Studbook Analyst Kelvin Limbrick.

To speak with a population biologist about your program:
Contact PMC Director and Senior Population Biologist Sarah Long or pmc@lpzoo.org.