Member Profiles

Meet the Members

AZA members operate in a wide variety of professions, all of which are interesting. Check out our member profiles on the AZA blog!

Lydia Gibson Name: Lydia Gibson
Title: Aquarist
Institution: Vancouver Aquarium
Added 5/15
Tori Mason Name: Tori Mason
Title: Farm Manager
Institution: The Nashville Zoo
Added 4/24
Liz Hile Name: Liz Hile
Title: Animal Curator
Institution: The Living Desert
Added 4/2/2012
Sheryl Heydt Name: Sheryl Heydt
Title: Curator of Horticulture
Institution: The Maryland Zoo
Added 3/5/2012
Chris Schreiber slide Name: Chris Schreiber
Title: Associate Curator
Institution: The Georgia Aquarium
Added 2/17/2012
Connie Phillip Name: Connie Phillip
Title: Director of Animal Collections
Institution: The Nashville Zoo
Added 2/10/2012
Amy Stephens Name: Amy Stephens
Title: Education Supervisor
Institution: Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden
Added 1/27/2012
Maicie Sykes Name: Maicie Sykes
Title: Carnivore Keeper
Institution: Lake Superior Zoo
Added 1/19/2012
Pete Mohan Name: Pete Mohan
Title: Director of Animal Operations
Institution: Akron Zoological Park
Added 1/11/2012
Lindsey Moseanko Name: Lindsey Moseanko
Title: Ungulate Keeper
Institution: Sacramento Zoo
Added 12/16/11
Alice Rohauer Name: Alice Rohauer
Title: Veterinary Technician
Institution: Buffalo Zoo
Added 12/9/11
Emily Maple Reptile Keeper Name: Emily Maple
Title: Reptile Keeper III
Institution: Palm Beach Zoo
Added 11/29/11
Lori Pace Name: Lori Pace
Title: Membership Director
Institution: Nashville Zoo
Added 11/21/11
Loribeth Aldrich Name: Loribeth Aldrich
Title: Aviculturist
Institution: Tennessee Aquarium
Added 11/14/11
Julie Larsen-Maher Name: Julie Larsen-Maher
Title: Wildlife Photographer
Institution: Wildlife Conservation Society
Added 11/1/11
Ken Howell Name: Ken Howell
Title: Curator of Rainforest Exhibits
Institution: National Aquarium
Added 10/18/11
Melissa McCartney Name: Melissa McCartney
Title: Primary Keeper for Ungulates
Institution: Sacramento Zoo
Added 10/10/11
Kristen Lukas Name: Kristen Lukas
Title: Director of Conservation & Science
Institution: Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
Added 9/27/11
Kristen Cytacki Slide Name: Kristen Cytacki
Title: Director of Education & Sustainability
Institution: Palm Beach Zoo
Added 9/22/11
Paula Kahn Slide Name: Paula Kahn
Title: Conservation Program Manager
Institution: Desert Tortoise Conservation Center
Added 9/6/11
Lara Kirkendall Name: Lara Kirkendall
Title: Outreach Coordinator
Institution: Sacramento Zoo
Added 8/30/11
Caryn Poll Name: Caryn Poll
Title: Section Chief, Medicine
Institution: Shedd Aquarium
Added 8/23/11
Stephanie Allard Slide Name: Dr. Stephanie Allard
Title: Curator of Research and Animal Welfare
Institution: Palm Beach Zoo in Florida.
Added 8/16/11
Maggie Reinbold Name: Maggie Reinbold, M.S.
Title: Conservation Program Manager
Institution: San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research
Added: 8/08/11
Chris Kuhar Slide
Name: Christopher Kuhar
Title: Curator of Primates and Small Mammals
Institution: Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
Added: 8/02/11