Inspector of the Year: Operations

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Bruce Bohmke, Chief Operations Officer, Woodland Park Zoo

Bruce joined AZA in 1978 while working as a keeper at the
Oakland Zoo, his first position in the zoo community.  Since
that time Bruce has also worked as Curator of Birds for the Kansas
City Zoo and St. Louis Zoo as well as General Curator of the
Phoenix Zoo.  He has served as the Chief Operations Officer of
the Woodland Park Zoo for the last fourteen years.  Bruce has
been involved in the accreditation program since 1986 and has
participated in seventeen inspections in that time, serving as Team
Chair for twelve of them.  He also served as a member of the
Accreditation Commission from 2004-2013 and was appointed as Chair
2008-2009.  Aside from accreditation Bruce has volunteered as
a studbook keeper, SSP Coordinator, TAG Chair and Professional
Development Course Instructor.  In the past he has also served
on the Animal Data Information Systems Committee (ADISC) and
Professional Development Committee, and was elected to the AZA
Ethics Committee and Board of Directors.  He currently serves
as the Elephant TAG liaison to the Accreditation Commission as well
as Vice-Chair of the Wildlife Conservation and Management Committee
(WCMC).  As evidenced by his long history of dedication and
volunteerism over the years, Bruce has been a major positive
component of AZA.