Inspector of the Year: Animal Management and Husbandry

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Gary Violetta, Curator of Fishes, SeaWorld Orlando

Gary has been a member of AZA for over thirty years and has been
involved in the accreditation program since 1995.  In that
time he has participated on ten inspection teams.  Gary has
spent his entire thirty-seven year career in the zoo and aquarium
industry at SeaWorld.  His career began in Ohio, where he
worked his way up from an entry level aquarist to the Curator of
Fishes.  He was transferred to SeaWorld of Texas in that same
capacity, where he helped design, build and operate the various
aquarium components of the new park.  From there he was
transferred to SeaWorld Orlando, where he continues to oversee the
aquarium displays at the SeaWorld and Aquatica parks as well as
consult on husbandry at the Discovery Cove park.  Gary
participates in numerous SSPs and serves on several AZA TAGs,
including Marine Fishes and Freshwater Fishes.  His knowledge
and passion for the zoo and aquarium industry make him a valued
part of the AZA community.