Enterprise Committee

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Enterprise Committee pursuing innovative funding programs as priority of AZA five-year Strategic Plan.

One of four goals of the Strategic Plan adopted in July, 2010 is to double available resources by 2014.  This ambitious goal will be met, in part, by developing “enterprises” that establish new and sustainable, non-dues revenue streams.  As part of adopting the Strategic Plan, the AZA board also established a new Enterprise Committee, chaired by board member John Frawley and including 10 AZA members selected for their business backgrounds and interest. You are encouraged to contact members of the Enterprise Committee if you have a suggestion for them to pursue.

Helping to lower operating costs and generate new revenue

Under its new Charter, the Enterprise Committee will:

  • Identify new opportunities with potential to increase AZA revenue and also to generate new revenue and/or cost-saving for AZA members.
  • Vet enterprise opportunities through the AZA staff and Business Operations Committee
  • Promote approved enterprises to the membership and encourage participation

Leveraging the power of AZA members working together

One key focus of the Enterprise Committee will be to seek relationship with vendors that offer lower cost alternatives through negotiated pricing available exclusively to AZA member institutions.  While participating in any program will remain at the member’s option, the aggregate purchasing power of AZA members together may provide savings that an individual member could not negotiate on its own, and also provide a new revenue stream to AZA.  Consider:

  •  AZA member zoos and aquariums spent $3.262 billion last year, divided between annual operating outlays and capital outlays (these vary according to construction scheduling).
  • AZA member organizations spent $2.47 billion for operations (up 5.6% from 2008) and $791 million for capital projects (up 23.0% from 2008).