Conservation Messaging and Videos

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Conservation Messages Approved by the AZA Board

In March 2000, the AZA Board of Directors approved a list of Conservation Messages developed by the Conservation Education Committee.  All AZA accredited facilities are encouraged to convey these messages through their conservation education programs and materials, in order to present a unified voice about conservation to our visitors. 

Conservation Messaging and Videos

Conservation-related messages and videos, developed by the AZA Conservation Education Committee and Conservation Partners, are provided below and may be incorporated into exhibitry, messaging, signage, and educational materials to raise awareness about the topics.

Climate Disruption and Polar Bears

Polar Bears International  (PBI), an AZA Conservation Partner, is happy to share a plethora of resources on a range of topics that support national literacy standards and learning outcomes for specific school districts.

Apple Learning Interchange programs, which include educator created lessons and activities rich with movies, images, webcast archives, expert videos, and challenge-based  and inter-disciplinary lessons, include:

Professional polar bear and AZA scientist interview videos, which address a range of topics about polar bears, sea ice, and climate change are available for download by contacting PBI. These include:

  • "A Reason for Hope" by Dr. Ronald S. Swaisgood, Director of Animal Ecology, San Diego Zoo
  • "Polar Bear Maternity Dens" by Dr. Tom Smith, Polar Bear Biologist, Brigham Young University
  • "Polar Bears and Climate Change" by Dr. Andy Derocher, Professor of Biological Sciences at University of Alberta, Past Chair IUCN of Polar Bear Specialist Group
  • "Up Close with Polar Bears" by Dr. Steven C. Amstrup, Polar Bear Scientist, U.S. Geological Survey.

Additional polar bear and arctic habitat educational materials, created by teachers and zoo educators, include:

Wild Animals Do Not Make Good Pets

AZA's Animal Welfare Committee created a brochure explaining the health risks and environmental consequences of keeping wild animals as pets. Download the Wild Animals Do Not Make Good Pets Brochure (in PDF).

Elephant Messages

The AZA Elephant Taxon Advisory Group and Species Survival Plan® Program identified several topics about elephant ecology, behavior, and the ways in which AZA-accredited zoos care for them are raised. Several supporting statements are provided for each topic to promote consistent messaging. Download the Elephant Messages (pdf).