AZA Professional Development Certificate Program

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Enroll, Enrich, Advance

For decades, AZA has provided in-person classroom-based professional training courses taught by some of the premier subject matter experts in the field. We know that these courses offer valuable training and networking experiences for our members.

We continue to be committed to offering these intensive training experiences, but we also realize that our members need more professional development opportunities in a variety of subject areas and in more flexible formats. Additionally, we have heard our membership tell us clearly that they want to be recognized for the breadth and depth of their professional training.

The AZA Professional Development Certificate Program meets both of these needs. What does this program mean for you?

Foundations for excellence. AZA Professional Development Certificates are offered in different areas or "concentrations." Each concentration is grounded in AZA's hallmark, in-person courses to build a strong foundation for further training.

More training, your way. AZA Professional Development Certificate concentrations are completed by choosing from an array of electives. These elective offerings include workshops, webinars and courses offered by AZA, AZA Animal Programs, and like-minded partner organizations. These Learning Partners offer high quality training in areas that complement and build on the foundation AZA courses create.

Meeting the highest standards. Earning an AZA Professional Development Certificate demonstrates that you have completed more than 100 hours of training in a particular concentration. It represents not only a commitment to AZA's high standards and policies, but also to experiencing a breadth of training that will expand your perspectives on zoo and aquarium practices by learning from our partners.

Certificate Program Requirements

Enrollment in the AZA Professional Development Certificate Program is a member benefit!  You must be an AZA member in good standing at the Professional Associate level or higher. Membership must be maintained for the duration of enrollment in the program. Credits must be accumulated at the rate of a minimum of one qualifying unit (see list below) every twelve months.If you do not earn at least one credit unit each year, your training portfolio will be docked two credits towards completion of a certificate.

Getting Started

To apply for the program and start earning credits toward an AZA Professional Development Certificate today, log in to MyAZA and select Online Store. Choose Professional Development Certificate Program with the concentration which you wish complete and complete the order process. There is no cost associated with this item, but you must be an AZA individual member. If you do not see the product, it is most likely because you are not currently an AZA member.  You will receive a confirmation e-mail with a link to an application document for you to complete and submit to 

To earn a certificate, you will need to complete two required concentration-specific core courses offered by AZA  as well as 16 additional relevant elective units. Elective options can be AZA-led (additional AZA courses or TAG/SSP workshops) or managed by an AZA Learning Partner or other approved organization.  The Professional Development Certificate Program is designed to provide flexibility around where and how you obtain credits.


Concentration Areas

Each concentration focuses on a different area of the zoo and aquarium profession. Certificate Program concentrations include (only those in bold are currently available): 

Avian Husbandry
Behavioral Husbandry 
Collection & Population Management
Education & Interpretation 
Herpetology Husbandry
Management & Operations  


Certificate Elective Units Guide
.5 units - Less than 2-Hour Web-based training 
1 unit - 2-4 Hour Web-based training; Poster or session presentation at AZA or  
             Learning Partner Conference* 
2 units - 2+ to 4 Hour In-person Workshop or Seminar 
3 units - Full Day Workshop or Seminar 
4 units - 2 Day Workshop or Course 
5 units - 3 Day Workshop or Course 
6 units - 4 Day Workshop or Course
8 units - 5 Day Workshop or Course*

*no more than one of these may be applied to a concentration as an elective 

Please note: Electives are not independently evaluated by AZA. Awarding of a certificate recognizes successful completion of the core courses and 16 units of electives and does not guarantee particular competencies or certifications. Electives are subject to change.

Sample Certificate

For example, you could earn an AZA Professional Development Certificate in Behavioral Husbandry by completing:

Retroactive Credit

Certificate Program participants who enroll by September 1, 2014 may receive credit for core courses and select Learning Partner electives taken after October 2009 and other electives completed after September 1, 2012. Those who enroll after September 1, 2014, will have three months after completing a training opportunity to request credit.


Contact AZA Training at or call 301-562-0777 ext. 251