Animal Programs Monthly Update: September 2017

September 2017

AZA Animal Programs: Tip-of-the-Month

You can use PMCTrack to prepare for your upcoming PMC planning meeting. See your planning progress and upcoming steps in the planning process on the Program Leader Dashboard. Send automated surveys to your IRs to collect institutional wants/needs and reasons why previous recommendations didn’t occur.  Let PMCTrack “nudge” your IRs for survey reminders, and monitor survey responses using the reports generated by PMCTrack – spend your time understanding rather than organizing survey responses!

Institutional Collection Planning Guidelines Now Available!

The Institutional Collection Planning Guidelines were created by the AZA Wildlife and Conservation Management Committee (WCMC), and this is an excellent resource for all institutional leaders. The guidelines give an overview of an Institutional Collection Plan (ICP), selection and criteria when choosing species for a collection, the development of an ICP, and finalizing the plan. You can find the guidelines on the AZA website.

AZA PMC Director

AZA and the AZA Population Management Center (PMC) at Lincoln Park Zoo are excited to welcome Kristine Schad as the new director of the PMC. Kristine returns to Lincoln Park Zoo and the PMC after spending 4 years in Europe serving as the first full-time population biologist in the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA) office. In that role she assisted EAZA’s managed animal programs in demographic and genetic analyses, defining roles and goals for programs, and providing technical advice about small population management and software. Before that, Kristine worked at the PMC, serving as the Studbook Analyst from 2006-2008 and as a Population Biologist from 2008-2013. Please send her an email and introduce yourself!

ASAG Plume Award

The Avian Scientific Advisory Group (ASAG) has created an award program to identify and reward significant achievement in Avian Husbandry in the Animal Management Field.  The recipients of these awards are leaders in our field and committed to furthering avian conservation.

  • Plume #1: Long-term Propagation Program
  • Plume #2: Noteworthy Achievement in Avian Husbandry
  • Plume #3: Significant Contribution to Zoo Aviculture
  • Plume #4: Noteworthy Achievement for an Avian In-Situ Program
  • Plume #5: Lifetime Achievement in Avian Husbandry

More details can be found on the flyer. The deadline is November 1, 2017. Please contact Steve Sarro to apply.

AZA SAFE Project Coordinator Vacancies

The following AZA SAFE projects are still in need of project coordinators! For more information about a specific project, use the designated email address listed with each AZA SAFE species.

Vaquita Project Coordinators

  • Value chain and economic development

Shark and Ray Project Coordinators

  • Sustainability and awareness of consumption
  • Community-based conservation
  • Multimedia development
  • Policy and legislation

Cheetah Project Coordinators

  • Carnivore positive landscapes
  • Monitoring and enforcement capacity building
  • Cheetah distribution, demographics and population connectivity
  • Snaring abatement

Western Pond Turtle Project Coordinators

  • Habitat mapping

AZA Calendar

Please visit the AZA calendar to find the current list of workshops, meetings, and training opportunities that are of interest to Animal Program participants and other zoo and aquarium professionals. To add to this list, please email AZA's Conservation, Management & Welfare Sciences Department.

New Program Leaders

SSP Coordinator and Studbook Keeper

Amanda Knobbe, Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium

Christine Fuehrmeyer, Lincoln Park Zoo

Ellen Zhao, Dallas Zoo

Val Hautekeete, Blank Park Zoo

SSP Coordinator

Seth Groesbeck, Rosamond Gifford Zoo at Burnet Park

New Program Leader Vacancies

Find applications and instructions regarding vacancies in the Animal Program Handbooks.  Applications are due October 1, 2017, unless otherwise noted. For a full list of available Program Leader positions, visit the Current Program Leader Vacancies page.

TAG Chair

Please send application materials to the AZA Conservation, Management & Welfare Sciences Department.

SSP Coordinator and Studbook Keeper

Please send application materials to Scott Tidmus, Raptor TAG Chair.

Candidate Program Leader

Please send application materials to Chris Baker, Snake TAG Vice Chair.

New Publications

Please note that all documents are available for download on the Program's page found by logging in and searching the Animal Programs Database.

Breeding & Transfer Plans

Bear, Andean
Gharial, Sunda
Gorilla, Western Lowland
Hog, Red River
Leopard, Snow
Magpie, Red-billed Blue
Owl, Spectacled
Peccary, Chacoan
Rattlesnake, Eastern Massasauga
Rhinoceros, Southern White
Seriema, Red-legged
Stork, Storm’s
Tortoise, Ploughshare

Animal Care Manuals

Large Canids Care Manual - Spanish


Baboon, Hamadryas
Bustard, Buff-crested (International)
Colobus, Angolan
Cormorant, White-breasted
Hornbill, Southern Ground
Magpie, Azure-winged
Owl, Eurasian Eagle
Turtle, Arakan Forest
Turtle, Chinese Three-striped Box
Weaver, White-headed Buffalo
Wolf, Mexican (International)
Wombat, Southern Hairy-nosed

Want to contribute to the Update?

All announcements for the monthly Animal Programs Update should be submitted to the AZA Conservation, Management & Welfare Sciences Department by the 25th of the prior month.


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