Animal Programs Monthly Update: June 2017

June 2017

AZA Animal Programs: Tip-of-the-Month

If you need an extension for your SSP Breeding & Transfer Plan or Studbook, please contact your TAG Chair and the AZA Conservation, Management & Welfare Sciences Department prior to the upcoming deadline and be sure to request a new deadline date.


The following AZA SAFE projects are still in need of project coordinators! For more information about a specific project, use the designated email address listed with each AZA SAFE species.

Vaquita Project Coordinators

  • Value chain and economic development

Shark and Ray Project Coordinators

  • Sustainability and awareness of consumption
  • Community-based conservation
  • Multimedia development
  • Policy and legislation

Cheetah Project Coordinators

  • Carnivore positive landscapes
  • Monitoring and enforcement capacity building
  • Cheetah distribution, demographics and population connectivity
  • Snaring abatement

Western Pond Turtle Project Coordinators

  • Habitat mapping

AZA Professional Development

Registration is now open for the remainder of our 2017 courses! These are some of our most popular courses of the year so register early to secure your space for your preferred session. Early registrants will also catch our most discounted rate to attend! For more information and to register,  visit the website.

Professional Development Scholarship Applications are now available! 

Interested in taking one of AZA's Professional Development courses in the next year? Apply for a scholarship to cover your costs.  Visit the website to learn more and apply by July 15th.

AZA Calendar

Please visit the AZA calendar to find the current list of workshops, meetings, and training opportunities that are of interest to Animal Program participants and other zoo and aquarium professionals. To add to this list, please email AZA's Conservation, Management & Welfare Sciences Department.

Funding and Award Opportunities

Arthur A. Seeligson Jr. Conservation Fund, Fort Worth Zoo

The Fort Worth Zoo is seeking proposals in 2017 for the Arthur A. Seeligson Jr. Conservation Fund (SCF).  The SCF was established to promote and enable conservation of native Texas wildlife through partnerships with scientists, educators, organizations and private landowners committed to conserving the biodiversity of Texas.  Funds requested should be $5,000 or less.  For proposal guidelines and the application form please contact Jenny Elston, Ph.D., Curator of Conservation and Behavior.  For more information about the SCF please visit the Fort Worth Zoo website. The application deadline is June 30, 2017.

New SSPs

Anne Heitman, Sedgwick County Zoo

New Program Leaders

SAG Chair

Hayley Murphy, Zoo Atlanta

SSP Coordinator and Studbook Keeper

Susan Greer, Dallas Zoo

Gwen Harris, Oregon Zoo

SSP Coordinator

Damian Lechner, Palm Beach Zoo

Studbook Keeper

Emily Lutz, Chicago Zoological Society – Brookfield Zoo

Davi Ann Norsworthy, Lincoln Children’s Zoo

Candidate Program Leader

Harrison Edell, Dallas Zoo

Ryan Dumas, Newport Aquarium

New Program Leader Vacancies

Find applications and instructions regarding vacancies in the Animal Program Handbooks.  Applications are due July 1, 2017, unless otherwise noted. For a full list of available Program Leader positions, visit the Current Program Leader Vacancies page.

SSP Coordinator and Studbook Keeper

Please send application materials to Lindsay Sears, Pangolin, Aardvark, and Xenarthra TAG Chair.

Studbook Keeper

Please send application materials to Martha Fischer, Elephant TAG Chair.

New Publications

Please note that all documents are available for download on the Program's page found by logging in and searching the Animal Programs Database.

Population Viability Analyses (PVAs)

Ciconiiformes/Phoenicopteriformes TAG
Heron, Boat-billed
Ibis, African Sacred
Ibis, Hadada
Ibis, Madagascar Crested
Ibis, Scarlet
Ibis, Southern Bald
Ibis, Straw-necked
Ibis, Waldrapp
Spoonbill, African
Spoonbill, Roseate
Stork, Abdim’s (White-bellied)
Stork, European White
Stork, Marabou
Stork, Milky
Stork, Painted
Stork, Saddle-billed
Stork, Storm’s
Stork, Yellow-billed

Breeding & Transfer Plans

Bluebird, Fairy
Iguana, Jamaican
Orangutan, Bornean
Orangutan, Sumatran
Otter, Giant
Starling, Golden-breasted
Tamarin, Bearded Emperor


Armadillo, Six Banded
Armadillo, Southern Three-banded
Boa, Jamaican
Coua, Crested
Crake, Black
Duck, Spotted Whistling
Gazelle, Grant’s
Honeyeater, Blue-faced
Hornbill, Rhinoceros
Monkey, Central American Spider
Monkey, Mexican Spider
Monkey, Robust Black Spider
Monkey, Variegated Spider
Puffin, Atlantic
Snake, Louisiana Pine
Vulture, King

Animal Care Manuals

Tiger - Spanish

Want to contribute to the Update?

All announcements for the monthly Animal Programs Update should be submitted to the AZA Conservation, Management & Welfare Sciences Department by the 25th of the prior month.


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