Animal Programs Monthly Update: July 2016

July 2016

AZA Animal Programs: Tip-of-the-Month

The June 2016 Sustainability Designations for AZA Animal Programs are now available! Please visit this Animal Programs Resources page (login required) to download the full listing.

AZA SAFE Updates

AZA SAFE Vaquita Public Engagement

A webinar was held to share the AZA SAFE Public Engagement Call For Participation for Vaquita. Public engagement successes so far were shared, as well as an overview of the planned sub-projects, goals, and actions moving forward. There are many ways that you and your facility can become directly involved in one or more of these efforts by joining the project team as a collaborator or helping to share the vaquita story with your visitors. You can watch the webinar here and learn more about the projects here.

Dave Bader, Director of Education at the Aquarium of the Pacific is the Public Engagement Project Coordinator for vaquita. Dave and the team of collaborators are collecting and creating resources to effectively share the story of the vaquita with visitors and through media coverage.

AZA SAFE Project Coordinator Updates

  • Jessie Bushell, the Director of Conservation at the San Francisco Zoo and the Western Pond Turtle SSP® Coordinator, has been confirmed as the AZA SAFE Western Pond Turtle Range-Wide Conservation Coalition Project Coordinator. Meetings will be organized to facilitate development of groups structure, membership (including representatives from AZA-accredited zoo and aquariums), and processes. 
  • Dr. Elizabeth Mulkerrin, Director of Education at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and the Education Advisor for the AZA Penguin TAG, has been confirmed as the project coordinator for the African Penguin Public Engagement project. Her professional background and key role in the AZA penguin conservation community make her ideally suited for this position.
  • Mike Chedester, the Director of Education at the Living Desert, has been confirmed as the Cheetah Public Engagement Project Coordinator. Mike has a wealth of experience in environmental education and interpretation. Mike will focus his expertise on messages and public actions that will benefit the cheetah.

SSP Sustainability Reports and Search Portal

Lauren Wilson, the AZA Sustainability Database Project Manager, will be passing on her responsibilities to Rebecca Greenberg at the end of July. All SSP Coordinators are urged to familiarize themselves with the SSP Sustainability Report Search Portal and review the report(s) for their SSP(s). All questions and edit requests may be sent to Lauren or Rebecca. For a description of this project and the tools developed by AZA, as well a link to the reports, read more about SSP Population Sustainability.

Professional Development Course Scholarships

Planning to take an AZA Professional Development course in the next year? Scholarships are now available, learn more and apply today. Deadline to apply is Friday July 15, 2016.

AZA Calendar

Please visit the AZA calendar to find the current list of workshops, meetings, and training opportunities that are of interest to Animal Program participants and other zoo and aquarium professionals. To add to this list, please email AZA's Conservation & Science Department.

Funding and Award Opportunities

Fresno Chaffee Zoo Wildlife Conservation Fund

The Fresno Chaffee Zoo Wildlife Conservation Fund was established in 2006 to promote understanding and enjoyment of rare, threatened and endangered animals and their habitats and to support zoological research that will directly benefit captive animal management. Awards may be made in any amount; however award recipients are typically in the range of $1,000 - $2,000. The application is due August 1. Email Sandra Pitts for more information.

Please be sure to visit AZA's Other Conservation Funding Sources page for information about grants provided by AZA-accredited institutions as well as external sources and check out the excel sheet for detailed information on many other useful resources. Please email any other funding opportunities to AZA's Conservation & Science Department for posting on the website.

New Program Leaders

SSP Coordinator and Studbook Keeper

Fred Kromm, Tracy Aviary

Cynthia Gitter, International Crane Foundation

Robert Hill, Zoo Atlanta

New Program Leader Vacancies

Find applications and instructions regarding vacancies in the Animal Program Handbooks.  Applications are due August 1, 2016, unless otherwise noted. For a full list of available Program Leader positions, visit the Current Program Leader Vacancies page.

SSP Coordinator and Studbook Keeper

Please send application materials to Jessi Krebs, Lizard TAG Chair.

Please send application materials to Chelle Plasse, Columbiformes TAG Chair.

Please send application materials to Martha Fischer, Antelope & Giraffe TAG Chair.

SSP Coordinator

Please send application materials to Martha Fischer, Antelope & Giraffe TAG Chair.

New Publications

Please note that all documents are available for download on the Program's page found by logging in and searching the Animal Programs Database.

Breeding & Transfer Plans
  • Chevrotain, Malayan
  • Dog, Bush
  • Honeyeater, Blue-faced
  • Hornbill, Wrinkled
  • Macaque, Japanese
  • Mandrill
  • Penguin, Northern Rockhopper
  • Rattlesnake, Mexican Lance-headed
  • Sitatunga
  • Tortoise, Burmese Black
  • Turtle, Sulawesi Forest
Population Viability Analyses (PVAs)
  • Cat, Black-footed
  • Jaguar
  • Macaque, Lion-tailed
  • Peccary, Chacoan
  • Wolf, Maned
Regional Collection Plans
  • New World Primate
  • Cat, Black-footed
  • Colobus, Angolan
  • Fox, Island
  • Gerenuk
  • Jaguar
  • Penguin, King
  • Pudu, Chilean
  • Rattlesnake, Mexican Lance-headed
  • Sheep, Desert Bighorn
  • Snail, Partula
  • Stingray, Bigtooth River
  • Stingray, Tiger River
  • Stingray, White-blotched River
  • Vulture, Eurasian Black
  • Wallaby, Parma
Animal Care Manuals
  • Shorebirds - Portuguese

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