Animal Record Keeping Software

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Animal Record Keeping Software

Animal data and record-keeping software facilitates the documentation and tracking of information specific to the animals cared for by AZA-accredited institutions. With programs that specialize in various aspects of animal record-keeping, including medical and studbook data, zoo and aquarium registrars can input information and link with larger data systems including the International Species Information System (ISIS).  

The Zoological Information Management System

The Zoological Information Management System (ZIMS) is the current ISIS software which is used by over 600 members around the world. ZIMS incorporates ARKS and in 2014 with incorporate MedARKS into a web-based real-time database that allows instantaneous access to data from all ISIS zoos and aquarium members. After the delivery of MedARKS into ZIMS, ISIS will focus all efforts on SPARKS integration in further support of global population management needs. 
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ZIMS Educational License

Integrate the world standard animal records management solution into your college, university, technical school or professional training institution's curriculum with a LearnZIMS Educational License.
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The Animal Records Keeping System

The Animal Records Keeping System (ARKS4) software is a multi-lingual, PC-based, application that was used for institutional animal record keeping and report production before ZIMS was released in 2010. With ARKS, data is entered locally and then pooled with data from other institutions and made available to members through the ZIMS database. ISIS members are now using ZIMS as the standard data entry and retrieval software.
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The Medical Animal Records Keeping System

The Medical Animal Records Keeping System (MedARKS) is a DOS-based software used to support veterinary medical record keeping and animal management. MedARKS functionality will be available to all ISIS members in the ZIMS application in 2014.
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Single Population Analysis & Records Keeping System

Single Population Analysis and Records Keeping System (SPARKS) is a DOS-based studbook and species management software program which organizes data into a specific format that allows it to be easily used with other population management software such as PM2000. The ISIS Specimen Reference DVD contains pedigree information about 2 million animals of approximately 10,000 species, historical zoological datasets, and all data in the ISIS system. The DVD is updated and available to ISIS members upon request every 180 days.
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The ISIS/World Association of Zoos and Aquariums Studbook and Husbandry Manual CD-ROM

This CD-ROM contains almost 1,600 regional and international studbooks, husbandry manuals, related resources and reference documents pertaining to animal data records and population management. This CD-ROM is produced annually and mailed to the ISIS representatives in member institutions as well as all WAZA members.

Tracks Software

Tracks® Software offers aquariums and zoos an enterprise solution to the challenges of caring for animal collections. The desktop application provides complete inventory management tools, as well as medical, feeding, lab testing, enrichment, reporting, and scheduling features. The program is user-driven, providing all staff with tools for quick entry, access and analysis of data. A mobile application is in beta for 2014. Read more about Tracks Software.