Amphibian Population Planning

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Amphibian Population Planning

AZA and its Amphibian Taxon Advisory Group (ATAG) serve a vital roles in assisting its accredited zoos and aquariums to take strategic, sustainable, and effective actions towards the protection and conservation of amphibians. Numerous resources including an Amphibian Regional Collection Plan, Conservation Resource Manual, Husbandry Guide, Funding Sources have been developed to help accredited institutions manage the amphibians in their care, create conservation programs, and increase populations.

Amphibian Regional Collection Plan

The AZA Amphibian Regional Collection Plan (RCP) identifies a list of species might benefit from ex situ conservation programs, the level at which those species should be managed, how much space should be dedicated to each within AZA-accredited institutions, and recommends in situ conservation strategies. The Action Plan for Ex Situ Amphibian Conservation in the AZA Community describes the groundwork for the Regional Collection Plan.

Amphibian Conservation Resource Manual 

The Amphibian Conservation Resource Manual (full document in PDF) is designed to assist zoos and aquariums create amphibian conservation programs and it illustrates the experiences and expertise of AZA colleagues in developing and evaluating domestic and international ex situ breeding and education programs. Additional resources include husbandry protocols, funding opportunities, and key contacts.

Amphibian Husbandry Guide

The Amphibian Husbandry Guide (full document in PDF) provides information about the most successful amphibian husbandry techniques used to care for the species in AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums. To enhance this information and benefit from the expertise of other AZA herpetologists, the ATAG recommends attending the AZA's Amphibian Biology, Conservation, and Management Course.

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Manual de Manejo de Anfibios en Cautiverio (PDF)

Funding Sources

There are many funding opportunities available from AZA, related organizations, and government agencies that can be sought to to develop or expand amphibian conservation work. Please see Appendix 3 of the Amphibian Conservation Resource Manual for a list of funding opportunities.