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Please contact the AZA Webmaster for assistance.

Who can submit news?

AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums (INs), Certified Related Facilities (RFs), and Commercial Members (COs) may submit news. Primary Contacts from these organizational member categories, as well as Individuals from their organizations with access privileges, are eligible to submit. Not sure if you have access privileges? Check with your organization's Primary Contact or contact AZA's Membership Services Department. Individual AZA members may not submit news.

What kinds of news can you post?

We encourage you to submit conservation news, significant births, new exhibits -- anything that tells the public your story.

Include a picture

Nothing enlivens a web page like a picture. We need two pictures - (1) a main picture that is 210px W x 160px H with a resolution of 72dpi and (2) a thumbnail picture that's 105px W x 80px H and resolution of 72dpi.

The file name for your images is critical!

Please name your image files in the following way. The upload will fail if the file is improperly named.

  • No spaces in the file name.
  • No special characters in the file name.
  • Hyphens and underscores are permitted.

If you need help with images, please let us know!