Oakland Zoo’s Managing Director Honored at 22nd Annual National Philanthropy Luncheon

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Oakland Zoo’s Managing Director Honored at 22nd Annual National Philanthropy Luncheon

Dec 2, 2013

“We chose Nancy to be our agency honoree because of her dedication to Ventana Wildlife Society, both in terms of her personal giving and what she brings while representing the Oakland Zoo,” said Kelly Sorenson, Executive Director of Ventana Wildlife Society. “We are especially blessed to now have the first ever, live streaming condor cam and it would not have been possible without Nancy or Oakland Zoo.”

In 2013, Nancy was instrumental in raising funds and coordinating the installation of a live streaming webcam in Big Sur, California. For more than a year, she lead teams at Ventana Wildlife Society, Oakland Zoo, CamZone, and FedEx to strategize and install the camera into a remote area of Big Sur, California.

“I appreciate the shout out but the pleasure has been mine,” said Nancy Filippi, Managing Director. “This past year has been personally fulfilling, learning about, filming, and spending time with California condors. The dedicated biologists, leading Ventana Wildlife Society, have been an inspiration to work with.”

The live streaming webcam is now used by field biologists at VWS to zoom in on California condors, check tags, look for signs of medical issues, and easily monitor the endangered birds. Field biologists aren’t the only ones benefiting from this webcam, Oakland Zoo and Ventana Wildlife Society are hosting the FedEx Condor Cam on their websites.

The general public is now able to see these endangered birds from their desktops; it’s an opportunity for people to see the California condors up-close and connect on a level that was never possible until now. Oakland Zoo congratulates Nancy Filippi for being recognized and honored by Ventana Wildlife Society.

Ms. Filippi was recognized at an annual luncheon that was developed by the Association of Fundraising Professionals and Development Executives Network. National Philanthropy Day® (NPD) is a special day set aside in November. The goal of the program is for participating nonprofit organizations to honor donors as their Distinguished Agency Honoree. The annual National Philanthropy Day Awards Luncheon provides an extraordinary opportunity for non-profit organizations to recognize, celebrate, and thank their donors and supporters publicly.

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