Binder Park Zoo Wins $25,000 in Facebook Challenge!

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Binder Park Zoo Wins $25,000 in Facebook Challenge!

May 12, 2011

For the past few weeks Facebook users from all over the country logged on and voted for their favorite and most deserving charities. These organizations were part of the Chase Community Giving contest to be in the running for the Top 100 Charities in the country. All charities must meet specific criteria to be included in this program, and those finishing in the Top 100 received $25,000 each.

Voting came to a close on Wednesday, May 4th. With overwhelming support from Binder Park Zoo’s members, employees, volunteers and loyal guests, Binder Park Zoo was able to place in the Top 100!

However, the generosity has just begun. Now that the Round 1 winners have been chosen, Binder Park Zoo is automatically entered into Round 2 where all 100 charities have the chance to win $500,000! In Round 2 each Charity must submit a 150 word explanation of a project or program that they feel is worth the $500,000 Grand Prize called their “Big Idea.” A 30 second video and 5 photos with captions can also be submitted. Facebook users will once again have the power to decide which Charities are deserving of the cash prizes. The Top 100 Charities will be narrowed down to the Top 25 who will ultimately split up an additional $2.5 million. The top overall Charity will receive $500,000!

Binder Park Zoo is the only organization in Southwest Michigan to make the Top 100 and could really use your support. Round 2 voting begins on May 19th and every vote really does make a difference. More information on Binder Park Zoo’s “Big Idea” will be coming shortly so keep a close eye on their Facebook page at for details. Voting is extremely easy and takes less than 2 minutes.

Step 1: Login to Facebook and search Chase Community Giving

Step 2: “Like” Chase Community Giving’s Facebook page

Step 3: Click on the Chase Giving tab on the far left hand side of the page

Step 4: Search Binder Park Zoo

Step 5: VOTE and share with all of your Facebook friends!

“All of us here at Binder Park Zoo would like to thank each and every person who voted over the past several days,” stated Stacey Lawson, the Zoo’s Chief Operating Officer. “It’s due to the overwhelming support from our members, donors and community that have made Binder Park Zoo what it is today. We’re really excited about our “Big Idea” and we hope everyone will get involved again during Round 2 and help spread the word to vote for Binder Park Zoo.”

For more information about Chase Community Giving and the contest please visit  or call 269-979-1351 ext. 153. To learn more about Binder Park Zoo please visit or call 269-979-1351.

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