ABQ BioPark Celebrates Earth Day on April 24th

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ABQ BioPark Celebrates Earth Day on April 24th

Mar 22, 2010

The Albuquerque BioPark will celebrate Earth Day in a BIG way with a Party for the Planet on Saturday, April 24, from 10:00am-2:00pm at the Zoo, Aquarium, Botanic Garden and Tingley Beach. All kinds of fun activities and demonstrations featuring the many ways we humans can lessen our impact on the Earth and protect animals, plants and habitats are happening at each of the BioPark’s facilities.

At the Botanic Garden, activities will include our annual Children's Seed Festival, which is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Albuquerque.

At the Zoo, there will be a special "Brown Bag Seminar " at 12:00pm by Doug Cress, Executive Director of the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA). PASA is a group of primate sanctuaries in 12 countries that have been established to take care of orphaned gorillas, chimpanzees and bonobos who have survived the bushmeat slaughter and deforestation.

Earth Day activities (including lectures, workshops and demonstrations) are free with admission.

Contact: Allyson Zahm, Curator of Education, (505) 764-6247.

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