2014 Power of Play Conference

Apr 9 - Apr 10, 2014Raleigh, NC

April 9-10, 2014, Marbles Kids Museum, Raleigh, NC


Come gain knowledge and resources on the latest inclusive practices and network with others in the field! The conference will include training on engaging your children in the community, achieving positive behaviors, preventing and handling bullying, and teaching other kids about disabilities, among other topics. The cost of attending the Power of Play conference is $200, or $75 for students. This inspiring event is for all people who desire to ensure no child sits on the sidelines!

The conference will feature:


Tim Harris, Owner of Tim's Place
The famous quote from Walt Disney, “If you can dream it, you can do it” has been the driving force behind the life of Tim Harris.  Born in 1986 with Down Syndrome, Tim’s life has been defined by exceeding expectations. In high school, Tim was elected Homecoming King by the highest margin of votes in school history. During graduation week, Tim was also voted Student of the Year by the administration, faculty and staff. During college, he lived in the dorms and earned certificates in Food Service Office Skills and Restaurant Hosting.

Tim’s Place opened in October of 2010. This restaurant in Albuquerque serves breakfast, lunch, and hugs, seven days a week. We are pleased to have Tim Harris here to talk about the power of inclusion, and how he was empowered to follow his dream to open his own restaurant.


Kathy Hearsey, Assistant Director of Training, TEACCH
To kick off Day 2, we will get to hear about Structuring Play from a representative of the University of North Carolina TEACCH Autism Program. The TEACCH Autism Program uses a technique they call “Structured TEACCHing” to help make the environment more predictable for individuals with autism, helping them thrive.

Dwayne Ballen, author of Journey With Julian
Dwayne Ballen is the author of the recently released book, “Journey With Julian”, about his family’s life with his eldest son (Julian) who has autism. Told from the rarely heard father’s perspective, “Journey With Julian” has received praise since its release. A review in the New York Journal of Books says the book will “enlighten and educate” the reader as it “conveys the importance of family, the necessity of acceptance, and the pure joy of unconditional love.”  The book, published by Simon & Schuster/Strebor books, has now gone into its second printing.

Ballen, an award winning television sports journalist has a resume that includes; The Golf Channel, CBS Sports, Fox Sports and the ESPN Networks. He has been recognized for his outstanding skills as an interviewer and anchor. He is host of the upcoming talkshow “Sportsthought” which focuses on the more substantive issues that revolve around sport.

Ballen also dedicates a good deal of his time to raising awareness about autism. He’s delivered keynote addresses to the Autism Society of America’s annual conference, the National Inclusion Project’s tenth year celebration and the CDC’s national autism awareness day. He travels the country speaking about autism and his family’s experience. He and his son appeared on a special episode of the Katie Couric show, which dealt with autism.


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You may also call or email Aron Hall, Director of Programs at 919-314-5540 or aronhall@inclusionproject.org.