2013 International Elephant and Rhino Conservation & Research Symposium

Aug 26 - Aug 30, 2013Pittsburgh, PA

International Elephant and Rhino Conservation & Research Symposium, co-hosted by the International Elephant Foundation, the International Rhino Foundation and the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium and International Conservation Center.  Increasing pressures on wild populations of elephants and rhinos are having a devastating effect on their numbers. Human/wildlife conflicts, loss of habitat and poaching for the illegal wildlife trade in elephant tusks and rhino horn are all contributing factors in the rapid decline of wild populations. Through the ongoing work of zoos, scientific and field research, and massive efforts to stem the illegal wildlife trade, there is increasing hope for wild populations, but it is an ongoing effort.  Elephant and rhino conservationists are coming from around the world to present conservation projects and research results on field conservation, conflict mitigation, captive and wildlife management, health, nutrition, trade issues and reproduction.    

For more information including registration, renowned speakers, general schedule, post conference trip, etc. please go to: http://pittsburghzoo.org/elephantrhinosymposium