CONNECT Magazine March 2012

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Many Hooves, One Herd

Thundering Herd or Fading Hoofbeats (Members Only) 

Common Ground: Partnering for Arabian Oryx Conservation With Jordan (Members Only) 

The Hirola: Antelope in Danger (Members Only) 

Antelope Specialist Group and International Antelope Conservation (Members Only) 

On The Cover
In the late 1970s the hirola population in East Africa was estimated at 16,000 animals. This had dwindled to 1,600 by the late 80s, and today the numbers are estimated to be less than 400. A cause of their rapid decline is thought to be an increasing pressure from livestock and consequent competition for water. A rinderpest outbreak in the early 1980s was also significant factor behind the hirola’s decline. 

Hirola © Kenneth K. Coe 

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