Special Event Sponsors

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AZA-accredited institutions offer several annual event marketing opportunities. Conducted at the same time in multiple locations throughout North America, special events offer national corporations a turn-key way to reach a targeted audience with sampling, coupon distribution, on-site presence, and unique consumer activation strategies.

Party for the Planet™ in April

There is no better way to celebrate the return of Spring and Earth Day than with a real "Party". Zoos and Aquariums are the perfect host site for families to gather for a fund-filled, educational event that in 2009 generated 70 million impressions through national and local media, including continuous promotion on Animal Planet network.

Opportunities for corporate sponsors include on-site booths, product sampling, demonstrations and other activities that demonstrate brands that are better for the environment and support wildlife conservation to an audience self-selected for their interest in environmentally-friendly messages. Party activities bookend the two weekends before and after Earth Day, April 22nd.

Zoo Babies in May

May brings not only Mother's Day, but also a time to celebrate the mothers of new babies born in zoos and aquariums. AZA members conduct events around Mother's Day to show off the year's new arrivals timed for special Mother's Day celebrations. Zoo Babies events attract significant media coverage and more than 12-million visitors who come to watch the new animal babies. Zoo Babies events offer marketers eager to reach moms with young children a unique experiential/lifestyle marketing event.

World Oceans Day in June

Especially focused on aquariums and zoos with major aquarium collections, World Oceans Day 2009 is a powerful opportunity to bring local and global attention to the impact climate change is having on the ocean and what that impact will mean for ocean and human life. World Oceans Day at AZA aquariums show visitors how we can all make simple, important changes to reduce our CO2 emissions, halt climate change, and preserve our children's ocean legacy. Corporate sponsors can demonstrate to consumers the opportunities each of us has to help through our daily actions how we can care for our one ocean, one climate, and one future.

Boo at the Zoo in October

One of the longest-running events in zoo and aquarium venues are the events leading up to Halloween. This most popular event of the year attracts millions of families to a safe, and fun Halloween experience featuring costumers, give-aways, and sponsor booth exhibit opportunities. Here's a way to reach millions of children in a controlled gate environment through "treat" stations located throughout zoo grounds and aquarium facilities. Sponsorships can be focused on a single day, weekend, or in many markets, multi-week exposure.

Zoo Lights in December

Celebrate the winter Holidays with thousands of environmentally-frlendly lights and animated exhibits located throughout the zoo. Larger than life displays feature many of the zoo's most popular animals whose exhibits are decorated for the Holidays. Join millions of families who come to the zoo after hours to stroll through to participate in winter-themed crafts, sample sponsor's treats, enjoy ice-sculpting and other activities. Companies can sponsor light displays or special areas of the zoo for holiday decoration, and receive a lit sign recognition message throughout these multi-week events.