Virginia Aquarium Foundation Batten Fellowship: Elasmobranch Touchpool Water Quality Study

Organization: Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center (AZA Member)
Location: Virginia Beach, VA, Country
Job or Internship: Internship

Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science CenterExhibits and Husbandry Division2014 Batten FellowshipsBatten Fellowships for Exhibits and Husbandry Fishes Section(Stipend Provided)This year the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center is offering a fellowship position in the Fishes Section of the Exhibits and Husbandry Division during the spring/summer session from May to September. The position focuses Aquarium’s touchpool operation collection. This fellowship is supplemented by a stipend to offset a portion of personal and incidental expenses.Batten Fellowship Requirements for Application:Batten Fellows candidates must meet the following requirements for application:• Must be 18 years or older • Must be a rising college junior or senior, recent graduate or be pursuing a post-graduate degree in a science-based program • Must have demonstrated pursuit of a career in marine science, aquaculture, zoo and aquarium management or veterinary science through college course work• Must have sound, basic math and computer skills using MS spreadsheets, database utilization, creation and data entry• Must have a valid U.S. drivers license and good driving record• Must be able to swim and be comfortable in and around open water • Must be self-motivated and able to perform activities alone or as part of a team • Must be able to lift and carry 50 pounds and assist with lifting and moving larger loads • Must be able to work in extreme conditions (high heat, cold, humidity)• SCUBA certification is not required Materials required in application packet:Fellowship applicants will include with their application, a current college transcript detailing completed coursework to date and GPA, cover letter, resume, a letter stating expectations of the Fellowship, and two reference letters (one must be from an advisor or professor that may speak on your academic background). Batten Fellowship Schedule:• Fellowship should start no later than June 1. • Working on site on during the week, weekends and holidays during normal operating hours is necessary for data collection. Data collection schedule will be determined in collaboration with Fellow and Curatorial staff.Batten Fellowship Expectations Overview:Batten Fellows bring a higher level of dedication and scientific interest to the experience, will be integrated more fully into staff activities, and expected to significantly contribute to the goals of the division. Fellows will perform data entry of a particular data set as the primary goal of their fellowship experience. Batten Fellows will be expected to work with their Virginia Aquarium supervisor to develop an appropriate database for the organization of the data set they are assigned. Fellows will be regularly incorporated into husbandry duties that support their understanding of the data with which they are working. Fellows will give an oral (MS PowerPoint) presentation summarizing the preliminary data results of their work at the conclusion of the fellowship and complete a survey/exit interview. It will be the responsibility of the Batten Fellow, not Fellowship supervisor, to ensure that any requirements for academic credit at a home institution are fulfilled.Batten Fellowship Available: Elasmobranch Touchpool Water Quality Study Elasmobranch touchpools are popular public aquarium exhibits. They bring visitors hand to fin with the ocean’s most charismatic creatures. This study will examine the effects of human activity on touch pool water quality.Batten Fellowship Funding:These competitive positions provide a stipend to help offset some personal and incidental expenses over the course of the appointment period.Batten Fellowship Selection:Batten Fellows are highly self-motivated, detail-oriented, well- organized individuals interested in pursuing a career in aquarium science, marine animal husbandry, marine biology or a related field. Fellowship applicants will be selected on their completed coursework to date, GPA, previous related experience detailed by their resume and supported by their letters of reference and letter of expectation, and an interview. Applications are due by March 1, 2014 and notification of acceptance will occur no later than April 15, 2014. Applicants not accepted for a Batten Fellowship position will have the option of being considered for a general internship (no stipend) with the Exhibits and Husbandry Division, if interested. Applicants also interested in the possibility of a general internship are encouraged to include this information with the Batten Fellowship application, OR complete a separate internship application.