Animal Care Internships(11)

Organization: Indianapolis Zoo (AZA Member)
Location: Indianapolis, IN, United States
Job or Internship: Internship

The Indianapolis Zoo hosts over 271 species of animals in naturalistic exhibits in five biomes including 19 threatened or endangered species, 30 Species Survival Plans (SSP), maintains five SSP breeding studbooks; and with the support of the Polly Horton Hix Institute for Research and Conservation, the Zoo is one of the top conservation research facilities in the United States.

Interns play an important role in animal conservation and have the unique opportunity to work alongside Keepers/Trainers/Aquarists to assist in various aspects of maintaining the animal collection, including animal husbandry, diet preparation and delivery, exhibit maintenance, as well as behavioral enrichment. The work is challenging, dirty, and often unglamorous, but can be highly rewarding. It offers the personal satisfaction of helping to provide healthy conditions for the animals along with the opportunity to learn the husbandry techniques of a world-class zoo. Animal Care Interns should be prepared to work in all weather conditions and must be extremely dependable.

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