Animal Supervisor - Baobab Area

Organization: Kansas City Zoo (AZA Member)
Location: Kansas City, MO, Country
Job or Internship: Job

The current supervisor opening at the Kansas City Zoo is for a team of seven keepers, and one assistant supervisor, who care for numerous animals. The species include, but may not be limited to, western lowland gorilla, black mangabey, red-capped mangabey, leopard, bongo, yellow-backed duiker, red duiker, blue duiker, Kirk’s dik-dik, cheetah, warthog, red-ruffed lemur, Southern ground hornbill, East African crowned crane, saddle-billed stork, bateleur eagle, lappet-faced vulture, masked lovebird, marbled teal, cattle egret,white-faced whistling duck,hottentot teal, white-cheeked turaco, silvery-cheeked hornbill, superb starling, white-headed buffalo weaver, and aldabra tortoises.


Organizes and coordinates daily functions and upkeep of assigned area of responsibility.


•Assists the Animal Curators in coordinating the daily activities of the zoo keeping staff to ensure that daily animal husbandry needs are satisfied.

•Assists with training of zoo keeping staff in areas of animal husbandry/handling, safety practices and animal exhibit maintenance.

•Assists in animal health procedures.

•Observes and reports on issues concerning animal behavior, animal health, and other relevant activities.

•Schedules employees within work group for daily coverage, cross-training, etc.

•Knowledgeable of and able to complete routine for entire coverage area.

•Regularly meet with keepers and curators regarding management concerns, health problems, maintenance issues, etc.

•Ensure zoo is meeting institutional guidelines for disinfection, pest control, grounds maintenance.

•Inform curators of any maintenance issues and/or work orders that need filed.

•Provide input on animal husbandry, enrichment and operant conditioning within area

•Effectively communicate management decisions regarding animal husbandry, enrichment and operant conditioning to zookeepers.


•Ability to lift 75 pounds

•Sufficient mobility, vision and hearing to ensure a safe work environment

•Ability to remain on feet for up to 4 hours at a time.


•Duties will be performed in a variety of weather conditions. Environment will vary by assigned work group.


•Daily with zoo visitors, volunteers, guests and occasionally with other zoo professionals.

•Interacts with curators and zookeepers in assigned area.


•Knowledge of animal behavior, husbandry, and welfare.

•Knowledge of proper animal handling techniques for animals in assigned work group.

•Knowledge of institutional policies, protocols, and regulations

•Ability to exercise judgment concerning assigned tasks.

•Ability to communicate clearly in a written and oral fashion

•Skill in tact and diplomacy when interacting with visitors and co-workers.


•Bachelors Degree in a biological science and 2 years animal husbandry experience.

•Must have valid drivers license

•Proof of current negative TB test

•Ability to work weekends, evenings and holidays during all climatic conditions.



•Must be able to make immediate decisions concerning safety of animals and people.



•Direct supervision from Assistant Curators to carry out work objectives and determine the best method for dealing with situations that arise.


•High. Frequent short deadlines

•Hectic work environment with occasional periods of high stress.