Organization: Palm Beach Zoo (AZA Member)
Location: West Palm Beach, FL, United States
Job or Internship: Job


This full-time position is filled by a horticulturist working with the botanical collection of the Zoological Society of the Palm Beaches. Along with basic gardening responsibilities, the development of and participation in programs that benefit the botanical collection and enhancement of visitor experience are required. Along with basic knowledge of these skills the individual should be highly adaptable, in good physical condition and possess excellent customer service skills.


• Capable of lifting 50 Pounds.

• Capable of working outdoors in inclement weather conditions and continued exposure to South Florida Climate.

• Perform animal exhibit landscape maintenance to include mowing, pruning, irrigation, fertilization, etc.

• Develop, maintain, and manage animal browse programs and provide horticulture expertise to nutritional programs

• Assist Animal Care and Conservation Department in the selection, procurement, and installation of exhibit landscaping materials

• Assist in the procurement and installation of natural animal exhibit perching material

• Provide general landscape maintenance and development for visitor areas throughout the park. Ensuring that visitor areas are free from hazards such as vegetation (sticks, stems, branches, etc.) that may jab, scrape or cause any bodily harm to visitors.

• Provide technical horticulture expertise during new exhibit development

• Supervise and mentor horticulture interns and volunteers

• Operation of zoo vehicles and equipment as it relates to responsibilities

• Assist Maintenance staff in cleaning of park grounds and performing duties such as but not limited to blowing off pathways, trash picking and removal, daily openings of all areas, cleaning pathways, etc.


Education: Degree in biological sciences or applicable field preferred. Additional training experience may substitute for degree requirement. Ability to work weekend, holidays, evenings, and availability during special events and emergency situations is required. Because of potential contact with non-human primates, annual tuberculosis testing is required. Immunization against other communicable diseases may be required under certain circumstances.

Please forward resume and cover letter to info@palmbeachzoo.org. No phone calls, please.