Animal Husbandry Internship

Organization: Lemur Conservation Foundation (AZA Member)
Location: Myakka City, Florida, United States
Job or Internship: Internship

The Lemur Conservation Foundation (LCF) is dedicated to the preservation and conservation of lemurs through captive breeding, non-invasive scientific research, education, and reintroduction.

LCF sits on a 100-acre, non-public, AZA certified reserve in Myakka City, Florida. The reserve is currently home to six species of lemurs in both semi-free ranging habitats and traditional captive habitats. In Madagascar, LCF partners with Tampolo Forest Station on the island’s northeast coast, to encourage environmental sustainability and education to help forestall deforestation in addition to promoting collaborative research projects and a researcher exchange program.

Internship: LCF is proud to offer a seven month (February- September 2014) unpaid internship working directly with the lemur collection to conserve endangered species from Madagascar. Interns will gain hands-on experience in the many aspects of maintaining an animal collection and contributing to a conservation mission. Responsibilities include daily care of our growing lemur colony, habitat construction and maintenance, diet preparation and feeding, behavioral enrichment, operant conditioning, behavioral observations, maintaining the cleanliness of lemur shelters, assisting with annual physicals, and assisting with the development and implementation of conservation education programs.

This is an excellent opportunity to gain advanced experience in a difficult but highly rewarding field. Interns will have the satisfaction of contributing to the physical and psychological well-being of the lemurs housed at the reserve as well as directly contributing to the greater mission of conserving these unique primates.

The reserve is remotely located and interns must provide their own transportation to and from the nearest town, 25 miles away. A variety of culture and entertainment including state parks, art museums, zoo and botanical gardens and theaters can be found within 40 miles of the reserve.


•Available to work 35-40 hours per week for a minimum of 7 months, beginning February 1st, 2014

•Coursework in biology, zoology, anthropology, psychology, or related field is preferred

•Valid driver’s license and dependable transportation

•Proof of negative TB test (dated within 12 months of start date)

•Proof of health insurance

•Available to work weekends and holidays

•Ability to lift 50 lbs and work in all weather conditions

•Experience working with animals is preferred

Salary/funding: This is an unpaid internship; however, onsite housing with utilities is provided. Numerous opportunities for personal development and growth within the position are encouraged and include; Florida Animal Care Professionals Development Workshops and FAZA (Florida Association of Zoos and Aquariums) Animal Keeper exchange program.

Interested candidates should email the following documents to by December 22nd to be considered:

•Letter of interest including dates of availability and any prior obligations and time-off requirements

•Resume or CV with contact information for 3 references

•School transcript (unofficial copies are acceptable)

•Letters of recommendation (optional but encouraged)

Contact Information:

Alison Grand, Ph.D.

Animal Care Manager

Lemur Conservation Foundation

PO Box 249

Myakka City 34251


941-322-9264 (fax)