Marine Mammal Trainer (10)

Organization: Coral World Ocean Park
Location: St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, us
Job or Internship: Job


Coral World is currently looking for outstanding animal trainers to join our expanding marine mammal training team.  There are two immediate positions to be filled and potentially more openings in the next6-12 months.  Candidates of all experience levels are encouraged to apply for any of the three positions within our department:  Trainer 1 (apprentice level), Trainer 2 (associate level), and Trainer 3 (senior level).


Position Requirements (all positions)

-         Bachelor’s degree in psychology, biology, or a related scientific discipline (or a comparable level of education/experience that would provide the necessary knowledge to meet the minimum qualifications for the position).

-         A basic understanding of Microsoft Office software, including Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

-         Ability to lift 50 pounds, work outdoors, and work a variable schedule (including weekends and possibly evenings).

-         Able to work legally in the United States (Coral World does not provide visas for international applicants).

-         Trainer1 (apprentice level):  No experience required

-         Trainer2 (associate level):  Minimum two years full time paid animal training experience.

-         Trainer2 (senior level):  Minimum five years full time paid animal training experience.


Position Demands (all positions)

-         Duties require the use of good judgment and problem-solving skills.  Applicants must be highly organized,self-motivated, and dependable.  They must be able to follow established procedures, work under deadlines, and effectively deal with frustrating situations.  Employees are required to maintain a positive attitude, cooperative and productive work relationships, and relate to guests and co-workers in a friendly and professional manner at all times. This position requires effective oral and written communication skills,the ability to follow instructions and directives, and accept constructive criticism in a professional manner. Duties are frequently performed under physically demanding conditions and potentially hazardous environments, including working in close proximity with wild animals and handling potentially dangerous chemicals.


Position Overview – Trainer 1 (apprentice level)

-         The Trainer 1 works under the direct supervision of the Marine Mammal Assistant Curator and under the guidance of senior training staff.  This employee performs various cleaning and maintenance duties in the marine mammal work area.  This includes handling chemicals for cleaning pool enclosures, assisting with filtration operations, and conducting water quality tests.  This trainer also performs food preparation and basic cleaning duties, including early morning fish breakout, following required husbandry and sanitation standards as set forth by Coral World.  This trainer is also responsible for daily recordkeeping and various additional duties as necessary throughout the facility.  The Trainer 1 participates in animal interactions, training sessions, and public presentations, assisting senior staff in feeding, training, and handling the marine mammals at the facility.  The active goal of a trainer in this position is to acquire knowledge and develop the working skills necessary to train marine animals successfully.  This trainer will attend training lectures,be introduced to training concepts and techniques, and gain hands-on experience working marine mammals under the supervision of senior staff.  The Trainer 1 is required to complete the department’s Education Focus, Training Focus, and Animal Focus learning modules,which will prepare and clear them for duties and responsibilities within the marine mammal operation.


Position Overview – Trainer 2 (associate level)

-         The Trainer 2 works directly under the supervision of the Marine Mammal Assistant Curator.  This trainer is responsible for performing all cleaning, food preparation, and recordkeeping duties performed by the Trainer 1 position, as well as regularly working marine mammals for interactive programs and public presentations. In addition, the Trainer 2 is assigned moderate to advanced training and animal handling tasks, under the guidance of senior staff.  This trainer is expected to utilize their knowledge and experience during training scenarios, handling most behavior related challenges on their own with minimal supervision.  Additional duties of a Trainer 2 may include staff scheduling, project management, intern coordination, or supply procurement.  The Trainer 2 is likely assigned as the primary trainer to a specific animal, and is responsible for the training, maintenance, and health monitoring of that animal (reporting directly to the Assistant Curator).  The active goal of a trainer in this position is to continue to develop their training skills and gain experience training advanced behaviors and troubleshooting complex behavioral problems.  The Trainer2 will also be given the opportunity to lead animal training lectures under the supervision of more senior staff.  This trainer is expected to develop leadership skills by assisting apprentice trainers, assistants, and interns with their professional development.


Position Overview – Trainer 3 (senior level)

-         The Trainer 3 works directly under the supervision of the Marine Mammal Assistant Curator.  This trainer is responsible for performing all animal training, cleaning, food preparation, and recordkeeping duties performed by the Trainer 1 and Trainer 2 positions.  In addition, this trainer is responsible for assisting the Assistant Curator in supervising the rest of the staff and monitoring the overall animal operation. The Trainer 3 is the senior staff member on-site when the Assistant Curator is unavailable, and is responsible for making difficult animal training and operational decisions in the supervisor's place.  This trainer is expected to use their extensive animal training knowledge and experience to manage complex behavioral challenges and train advanced behaviors without assistance.  The Trainer 3 must have strong customer service skills, and is expected to handle customer related problems when they arise.  The Trainer 3 is also expected to organize and lead all aspects of the park’s trainer development program.  This trainer must display excellent leadership and communication skills, and acts as both a mentor for the entire training staff and an objective voice for the Assistant Curator.



Contact Information:

Valissa M. Hodge, Office/Human Resources Manager

Coral World Ocean Park

6450 Estate Smith Bay

St.Thomas, USVI 00802