AQUARIST - (Aquarium Operations & Maintenance)

Organization: AQUAMOON, LLC
Location: Baton Rouge, La., us
Job or Internship: Job

Compensation:        $13 - 22/hour (based on experience)

Schedule:                 full time 40 hours/week

Location:                  Baton Rouge – Denham Springs, Louisiana. 

General Description:    Performs live exhibit maintenance for commercial, institutional and residential display aquariums in the Baton Rouge area.  Includes providing basic animal husbandry for a variety of freshwater and saltwater animals including reef systems, maintaining components of filtration systems, monitoring water quality, and cleaning aquatic habitats.  Also includes basic husbandry care of several semi-aquatic and terrestrial animals.

BS in biology or related field preferred.  

Strong email and communication skills required.    

Valid Open Water dive certification is required as several of the exhibits we maintain are large and require cleaning via SCUBA.

Other Requirements:    May be required to work unusual hours or on unscheduled days during emergencies.  Must have good hearing, visual acuity, and be able to lift 50 lbs.

            Interested parties, please send resumes to:

            Robert Van Valkenburg