Senior Aquarist(20)

Organization: Nature Center, Maymont Foundation
Location: Richmond, VA, us
Job or Internship: Job

Position Summary: Cares for fish and other taxa in the Nature Center, maintains health and appearance, maintains support areas to include water testing lab, teaches public programs on aquarium operations and fish biology, and may work in animal care outside the Nature Center building as needed. Reports to the Manager of Zoology and may serve as her/his proxy if assigned.  Senior Aquarist takes a lead in coordination of duties for animal care in the Nature Center.


  • Carries out all aspects of daily aquarist responsibilities including animal husbandry, exhibit maintenance, examination / repair of life support systems, daily records and education activities.  May work in other animal areas such as the Children’s Farm and Habitats as needed.
  • Coordinates the daily operation of animal exhibits at the Nature Center and the duties of all other aquarists.
  • Ensures consistent improvement in animal training and enrichment programs for animals in the Nature Center.
  • Assembles appropriate information and coordinates its verbal and written communication between various stakeholders; including (but not limited to) aquarists, animal keepers, volunteers, interns, veterinary staff and other Maymont staff.
  • Assists the Manager of Zoology in training of all aquarist staff.
  • Works with the Manager of Zoology to coordinate aquatic animal specimen acquisition.
  • Participates in exhibit improvement, design and other planning.
  • Works with the Manager of Zoology to maintain inventories including (but not limited to) aquatic animal food orders, LSS supplies, water analysis records and aquatic animal records. 
  • Carries out other duties as assigned

Education/Experience required: Bachelor’s degree in biology, ichthyology, marine science, zoology, or related natural science field. Minimum of three years of professional experience in a public aquarium or related work field using closed life support systems. A good knowledge of Virginia fish and other fauna is preferred. 

Skills/Abilities required: Must have SCUBA certification within six months employment.  Knowledge of aquatic animal husbandry to include disease and parasite control, animal nutrition, animal breeding, animal behavior and animal training.  Understanding of biology, ecology, physics, and chemistry principles. Basic knowledge of electricity, plumbing and mechanical aspects of aquarium life support systems. Ability to work effectively with co-workers and Maymont visitors.  Ability to follow detailed written or oral instructions. Ability to perform the manual work required including lifting / carrying at least 50 pounds, climbing, crawling and jumping.  Ability to work in inclement weather throughout the year.  Must be willing to work weekend and holidays if required.  Will be required to pass scheduled Basic First Aid and CPR employer-provided training.  Must be knowledgeable about safety precautions and be willing to work with normal hazards associated with an animal care facility (I.E. disinfectant chemicals, potential zoonotic diseases, being wet).  Additional skills and abilities preferred: experience in animal restraint and handling, use of operant conditioning techniques, use of hand and gardening tools, power tools, personal computer, microscope, first aid equipment.  

Licenses required: valid driver’s license

This is full-time hourly position with a competitive benefits package.  Please forward a cover letter and resume to:  For more information about Maymont please go to