Animal Care Internships

Organization: Fossil Rim Wildlife Center (AZA Member)
Location: Glen Rose, TX, United States
Job or Internship: Internship

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center is an 1,800 acre non-profit conservation center that specializes in captive breeding programs for species of peril. We at Fossil Rim would like to share the experience through the intern training program.

There are four intern positions available within Fossil Rim’s Animal Care Department:

1) the Whitfield Collins Carnivore Internship;

2) the Children's Animal Center Internship;

3) the Black Rhino Keeper Internship and the

4) Avian Internship.(See separate posting for Avian Intern.)

Candidates should have completed at least two years of an undergraduate or graduate program related to wildlife management, conservation biology or a related science degree. They must also have a valid driver’s license. Interns will gain practical experience caring for captive wildlife. Experiences include feeding, cleaning, endangered species management, chemical immobilization, record-keeping and many other related activities. STIPEND AND HOUSING ARE AVAILABLE.

Semester times are:

SPRING- (January– May) deadline for applications is October 1;

SUMMER-(May-August)deadline is March 1;

FALL-(September –December)deadline is June 1;

AVIAN (March – August)deadline is January 1.

Please send resume with 3 references, reference form located on our website and a cover letter to Fossil Rim Wildlife Center; Attn: Intern Coordinator; 2155 County Road 2008; Glen Rose, TX 76043 or email to For more information please visit our website at