Organization: Minnesota Zoological Gardens (AZA Member)
Location: Apple Valley, MN, United States
Job or Internship: Job

The Minnesota Zoo welcomes over 1.2 million guests each year to experience emotional connections with wildlife, learn about science and conservation, and gain a greater appreciation for the wild places that sustain animals—and people— around the world. An investment of more than $72 million in the past five years has poised the Minnesota Zoo to be a world-leading zoo transformed with the addition of innovative new exhibits, strengthened wildlife conservation and education activities. We are seeking hard-working, team-oriented and passionate individuals to fill a full-time Zookeeper position in the Tropics & Minnesota Trails Mammal Department with priorities in animal care and guest experience,. Rotating duties between multiple work areas will require a positive attitude, the ability to be self-disciplined, and to demonstrate flexibility, creativity and responsibility in use of time. Excellent communication skills will be essential to work effectively with peers and enthusiastically engage our guests. These positions will require candidates who desire to work cooperatively and share the Minnesota Zoo’s commitment to provide the highest standard of animal care including behavioral enrichment and training and who are passionate about connecting people, animals and the natural world.

Qualified applications must have at least one year of paid full-time zookeeper experience at a zoo or aquarium (or equivalent other experience) that must include all of the following responsibilities: observing animal behaviors, preparing and feeding animal diets, preparing and maintaining detailed animal records, experience with animal enrichment and operant conditioning and maintaining sanitary animal living conditions. For a full list of all requirements please carefully review the official posting on the application website.

The position is full-time position working 40 hours per week. Salary range is $16.49 (starting) - $23.22 (max) per hour. Eligible for insurance and other state benefits. Resumes from qualified applicants must be submitted by 4:30PM on Thursday 10 October 2013 to be considered. To apply and get more information on this posting, go to www.careers.state.mn.us and use Zookeeper as keyword in the job search.